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Curious Bath Bomb

Posted Wed Jun 9, 2021 | 922 Words | Tagged story dusty bath bomb curiouscat

This is a guest story written by Anonymous.

Another story from a bunch of CuriousCat questions stored for horny archival purposes.

you’re walking through the metrocentre one day and walk past Lush, when a new range catches your eye. It’s claiming to be able to make you feel like new. There’s a bunch of different scents and shapes and flavours and there’s this whole weird magical theming to it. There are bath bombs in diamond shapes with some light designs pressed into them, and shower gels in bottles that almost look like potions. They’re really going for the branding. You decide to look at the……? (Bath bombs/Shower Gel)

Bath bombs 😁

You head over to the bath bombs, the fragrances clashing and slightly overpowering. There are a few which catch your eye. A pale pink one with gold flex and a fresh scent, called Clarity. A deep red one with black hues, and a scent of sandalwood, called Fortitude. Another is orange, with a purple swirl. It smells citrusy and has hints of lavender and is called Renew. Finally, there is a deep black and bright white layered bomb, with a few red specks. You can’t quite place the scent but it feels familiar. This one is called growth. Which bomb do you pick?

They all sound lovely but I’ll only get one. The growth one wins and is taken to the checkout

You pick up the Growth bomb, and take it to the counter. You put it down and the dust clings to your hand a bit. You try and wipe it off on your sleeve but it almost won’t come off. You’re sure it’s just because it’s dry though and will be a good bomb. The man behind the counter gives you a look as he processes the sale, like he knew something you didn’t. Either way, it’s now bagged, and you head out. As you walk away, he says to you “Enjoy, I’m sure you’re going to be happy with this…”

You get home, and rush straight upstairs. You strip off and start to run the bath. While it’s running, you take the bomb out of the bag and properly give it a look over. It has a pressed paw on the base, with a red inlay. The powder again stains your hand but the smell and the feel, you don’t want to wipe it off. You almost start to lose yourself when you smell it, dust falling onto your body. It’s almost intoxicating. Your mind is emptying, but your body feels weird. Sensitive but firm. You catch yourself feeling yourself down before realising the bath is almost overflowing. Do you: get in the water clean or put the bath bomb in first?

Get in the water clean. Although typically I shower before having a bath 🛁 🧼

You didn’t even think about it this time. The temptation of the bomb was too much. You get into the bath, the heat so much more intense than usual, and give yourself a minute to adjust. You grab the bomb from the side, and slowly lower it into the bath. The diamond shaped bomb almost spins on the surface, filing the bath quickly with a deep black colour, so opaque you can’t see yourself in it. The water somehow maintained a white stripe, almost unnaturally. Even disturbing the water doesn’t change this. The red flecks give the water a glisten. You start to lose your senses. You want to submerge yourself, even just for a minute. Do you give in?

Yeah. It would feel good to submerge for a moment

You lay back, whole body submerged in the murky waters. You don’t seem able to pull yourself back out. Not like you’d want to. You’re in bliss, whole body feeling electric. Like it’s becoming new. You stay under, you realise how long you’ve been in but still don’t feel the need to be out. Instead you feel your body. It feels different. Not only firmer, but softer. You keep feeling down as you notice a bigger, thicker swell from your cock. You start to stroke and end up pulling your head out of the water. You notice that the water has gone slightly translucent. You see yourself, and you look… different. Black and white fur covers your body, but you can still see the changes made to you. You’re more toned, taller, stronger, bigger, and definitely hornier. Do you: panic about the changes or embrace your new self?

Embrace the changes as I’m stroking my cock

As you stroke your still growing cock, somehow getting harder and thicker and more sensitive with every movement, you have a thought. You get out of the bath and check the mirror. Before you stands a taller, buffer you. A red tribal on your arm, the one currently grabbing your solid, dripping cock. You keep jerking as you admire your new self in the reflection, feeling yourself down with your other hand— sorry, paw. You turn and reveal your tail, that’s gonna take some getting used to. It’s all so unusual, but it’s getting you going more and more thinking that if one bomb did this, what could you do combining more. Who could you convert next. The thought of this, combined with the newly boosted urges is exhilarating. You shoot, at first on the mirror but then on yourself. This doesn’t satisfy the urges however. You’ve got to fuck. Anyone. Everyone. The old Halvor has gone. Now, it’s only Dusty. “Get in line, pups”

😍 Dom dusty would be pretty hot ngl