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Curious Contact Lenses

Posted Fri Jun 11, 2021 | 607 Words | Tagged story drone curiouscat

This is a guest story written by Anonymous.

Another story from a bunch of CuriousCat questions stored for horny archival purposes.

you receive an email regarding your contact lenses close to the end of your last box. “FREE! Try Glazed Lenses today and get your first 6 months free!” You google the company but they don’t seem to be anywhere. Still though, you think it might just be another own brand thing Costco are trying to push out. Do you switch to these and order?

Yeah why not if they’re free. I’ve still got a few days left on my existing box if they don’t show up

7am, the next day. You hear a knock and a thud. Somehow it wakes you up instantly. You head downstairs and see a glossy black box. You open it and see the contact strips delicately laid out, in equally glossy black strips with bright white tops. You open one of the slots and notice the lenses look a little bit weird. You’re pretty sure they’re clear but under certain angles they’re almost an opaque white colour. Still, you think it might be fine. You’ve not got anything on currently so could just be sleepy blurry vision. Do you put them in to try?

Yeah why not. I need to be able to see

the contacts go in pretty easily. Luckily they don’t seem to be opaque and you start to go about your day. You sit down at your desk and begrudgingly boot up for work. About an hour passed and you feel a bit light headed. Must just be the work. Been dealing with the same awful clients again. You decide to take a few minutes away for a small lay down. As you lay down, you close your eyes for a minute, but when you open them all you see is white. Somehow, you’re not panicked about this. You don’t feel lightheaded anymore either. Generally you feel yourself losing your emotions and senses. You do not move. You do not speak. Can’t even feel yourself breathing.


The words flash in front of your eyes, your body merciless to do anything to stop it. Something is happening, and you have no choice in the matter. A hollow black bar appears in place of the text and slowly starts to fill. You gain a slight sensation of feeling back. You feel a cold chill, starting from around your eyes and slowly creeping across your face, neck, and making its way down your body. You hear fabric being ripped as the cold progresses and the bar in front of you continues to fill with black. Soon your whole body has this chill, but you aren’t concerned. It feels… good. It’s very tight, and making your body feel very different. Is the cold affecting your body? The bar is now full.


Another bar pops on the screen. This time you dont feel anything in particular but you only see it fill slightly then you black out. You wake, stood up in an unknown room. A mirrored wall in front of you. You see a tall, glossy black musclebound figure, with glazed white eyes, and some oil-like substance dripping from it.

“HVR-01, is it complete?” You hear an unknown voice say. Nobody else is in the room.

“Yes sir.” “Perfect. Let’s test it out”

Text flashes across your eyes “NEW ORDER: MULTIPLY”

You start to march out the room, leaving small drips of the black substance with every step. You don’t know where you’re heading. You don’t care. You have orders, to multiply. To spread. To make everyone like you. One drop at a time

🤤 marches off