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Curious PT

Posted Mon Jun 21, 2021 | 773 Words | Tagged story pt curiouscat

This is a guest story written by Anonymous.

Another story from a bunch of CuriousCat questions stored for horny archival purposes.

New day, same plan. Lift. What do you start with today?

Bench press

You’re setting up for the bench press, and have to look around a bit for the right weights. You’ve come on your own but still feel like pushing yourself a bit. You keep going across the floor for more weights, and it catches the attention of someone. They’re tall, about 6’2. Built and stocky. Short, buzzed blond hair, and some bright purple and orange Nikes. As you’re preparing to start, he comes over to you.

“Alright mate! That’s a lot to lift, need a spot?”

You feel drawn to him but you’re not sure why. What do you say?

I’m a little wary of people I don’t know coming over to me but I agree and let him spot me. If my gut feeling doesn’t throw me off they should be fine

There’s something about this guy that makes you feel completely relaxed and easy. He steps in behind the bench and stands close. You didn’t realise this before but he has a strong musk about him. Although you can’t tell if it was always there or if it’s getting stronger. You get into position and start to lift. You’re not sure why but you’re struggling to count reps. That’s not important. You just have to keep lifting. And you do, you keep going until you almost fail, when he grabs the bar to stop it. He steps closer, the musk even stronger now, and he’s almost obstructing your view.

“Not bad at all, but we can make you stronger. Just need you to let it happen boy. Let’s make you huge!”

Do you stay with this trainer or do you leave?

Yeah why not stay with the trainer

You stay and take a minutes break, and while you catch your breath, the trainer loads on more weights.

“I know you can do it boy”

You start to lift but you struggle, so he gets ready to help. He steps closer and you get the full force of his musk. You lose yourself but don’t stop. If anything you feel stronger. Better. He’s so close now, you keep lifting but can only see his bulge. And the smell, it’s amazing. You can almost feel yourself grow as you keep lifting. Your whole body feels amazing, but almost burns. You lift until you give in. You’re covered in sweat but don’t care much, just need to dry your face. The trainer hands you his towel, do you use it?

Yeah. Handy he has one on him

The questions end here. The rest is by myself (Halvor) to give a conclusion.

The towel helps dry my face, although I’ve now transferred the smell of his face onto mine. I do another set, with more weight being added and it feels so good. Growing bigger.

After the set, I get up and the trainer says next it’s time for deadlifts. He loads up the bar for what would be a one-rep max. I lift the bar, my form feeling almost perfect. The weight is there, but it feels good. Then two reps, three, four, five.

My t-shirt is feeling a bit tight, and so does my boxers. It was as though if I were to do any more I would explode out of these.

“Come with me boy, we’ll sort out this issue”

He takes you to his locker in the changing room and throws a set of clothes at you. A very low cut tank top, which you throw on. It smells of him. It is currently very loose on your frame. Next is a jockstrap, then a large pair of shorts with a drawstring to tighten them.

You also feel your feet a bit tight as he hands a pair of Nike’s in what seemed to be a size almost twice as big as your current shoes. Subtley giving them a whiff before putting them on, you smelt him again. They’re more comfortable than you had expected.

Heading back out to the deadlift station, surprisingly empty. You helped load up even more weight. Another set. You felt the growth in almost every one of your muscles.

Then again, doubling the weight. The reflection in the mirror after 5 reps of this crazy weight. A muscle monster. Feet filling the giant Nike’s, thighs thicker than the largest watermelon, and you filling in the tank top. The sweat showing a message on the top,

“Dumb Muscle Bull”

You grinned, of course that’s what you were. The trainer’s dumb muscle bull.