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Curious Workie

Posted Tue Jun 8, 2021 | 402 Words | Tagged story workie curiouscat

This is a guest story written by Anonymous.

Someone sent a bunch of CuriousCat questions making a bit of a store. I’m archiving them here for horny purposes.

quick! only one tf choice! dirty hi viz tradie or musky gym bro

Dirty hi viz tradie. Would mean the notice in my old gym saying “no work boots allowed” would apply to me haha

you find a well worn pair of bright orange hi viz trousers, crusted with dirt around the ankles and some curious stains inside around the front. it’s almost like it’s calling you. Luring you to try them on. They look a bit long for you but you think it’s fine. What do you do

See if anyone is around to notice and then stuff them into my backpack 👀

you stuff them into your bag and as you do the stench wafts into your face and you feel yourself drift. You catch yourself though as you fully close the bag, but still almost high from the allure of your prize. You get home, and head straight upstairs, closing the door behind you. You open the bag and are hit by the smell again, pulling you deeper and deeper, commanding you to wear them. “Come on, pup. Why resist?” Do you put them on?

strips naked and pulls them up my legs

You drift further and further as you strip, not even realising yourself leaking. As you start to pull them on, you start to notice they go on easier than expected. You could have sworn they were too long when you got them but they’re the perfect length and fit, almost like they were made for your body. You don’t even think when you pull out a matching jacket and an equally worn white t shirt from your bag. They were always in there. You put the shirt on and as you do start to huff your own pits. You thought you only showered this morning but the musk is intoxicating, luring you to open up the bottoms again, and start to stroke. You stop for a minute and finish putting on the jacket and the work boots that you leave scattered on your floor every night. You don’t even finish lacing them up, you don’t need to. You’ve got one job left to do before you head off to another day on site. This has always been your life, building and fucking and repeating