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Dusty The Skunk

Dusty the Skunk is a 26 year old Skunk who is typically pretty cocky and confident. Dusty likes to play football quite often so he has quite a build (see the Reference Image). He has fairly short hair in order to show his muscles and his build with a long bushy tail behind him.

He has a “standard” black + white colour scheme for a skunk, although he has a red tribal tattoo sleeve on his right arm with a slight orange glow.

Art of Dusty

Pecs by Canon White Cat

Pecs by Canon White Cat

Bench Press by fbocabral

Halvor Pup into Dusty

Halvor Pup into Dusty from Licos. Add these stickers on Telegram


Frotting by FatalSyndrome

Dusty in a Bowser Form

Bowser Form by deadanthro. See story for more.


Reference Images

Muscle levels of Dusty

Muscle levels of Dusty Source (subject to change)


Dusty’s typical clothing is tracksuits, wanting to be a footballer.

Dusty Hoodie

Dusty Trackies

Dusty Trainers