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Posted Tue Oct 27, 2015 | 264 Words | Tagged story zoltar donkey

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You look at the card that had came out of the machine that just seemed like it would be a random useless piece of advice, like those stupid horoscopes people seem to be obsessed with. Turning over the card it simply reads “Jackass”.

Later that evening when you were preparing to go to bed and brushing your teeth, you looked at your teeth and the front were more pronounced but it had been a long day and this was probably your mind telling you to go to sleep.

In the morning you was sure something else was wrong, your face felt just off. Your nose was surely bigger this time. And then you feel something build up in your throat.


You just brayed in front of the mirror. Like an actual… jackass. But it felt so good and it just felt like you should just once more…


Now looking in the mirror, you look even worse. Not helping is your ears seem to have stuck up and were getting taller. You had to get outside, there was nothing stopping this now.

You run further and further, braying more and more. As soon as you hit the woods you throw away the t-shirt and pants and instantly fall onto your.. hooves. How much better it felt being a donkey, how it felt great to just have a simple life. Now you’re thankful for your fortune and just drift off into munching grass on the nice field you’ve ended up on.