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Posted Wed Oct 28, 2015 | 186 Words | Tagged zoltar story

Photo from Tumblr

Read the introduction –

You pick up the ticket and it simply reads, “Have confidence and you will be rewarded”. It spooks you slightly as you’re not a confident person, but you lead it down to luck. You smile and walk away from the machine, secretly hoping one day you could be more confident.

Later that evening you browse Facebook and see an event invite for some party you’ve been invited to. As if on instinct you reply Yes. You’d never go to such a thing, but it felt just right to go.

You easily pick out what you’re going to wear, and damn it looks good. Somehow makes you look even better, but there’s no time to worry about what.

You wake up the next morning with vague memories of what happened. You were flexing in front of some lad. Then you realise the lad is next to you in your bed. Course you were, scored last night. 

You see he’s awaking and start teasing him by flexing for him in your clothes. Course everyone wants to get in your pants, why wouldn’t they?