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Posted Thu Nov 5, 2015 | 204 Words | Tagged story pup never done a puppy story so let me know if it's awful

Photo from Tumblr


Silver the space pup
(a pup added the comment space dog to a reblog, i had to take it to the next lvl)

When you stare deep into those eyes of Silver, you start to get lost, the light bouncing around and off the metallic silver body of the space pup. The light starts to bounce towards you and it feels good to mindlessly sit and stare.

Trying to stay awake, but it’s so hard but you need to keep staring deeper and deeper. Slowly you feel your body fall onto your arms and your legs hinge, locking you into this stance as normal. Your face starts to contort and form into small areas, your ears creeping upwards. Your muzzle forming in nicely and that mind accepting you are now a space pup yourself.

You see yourself in a mirror, your face all shiny but the eyes are sealed up with a shiny patch of their own. Then you see slowly as the metal your face has become starts to drip out silver paint and it runs down your body, spreading out, covering every inch of your body.

Then it clicks and it feels so good to know you are one of Silvers pups.