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Posted Fri Dec 11, 2015 | 208 Words | Tagged story christmas

Photo from Tumblr

This was going to be the best Chirstmas yet now my dad handed over the job of Santa to me. It ran in the family, hence why “he’s” been around for so long. My dad retired after last year realising that he was finally getting really old.

Now it was my turn, and I thought I’d start it with a bit of a bang. This is Charley. The photo that came through to our customer satisfaction team (ok we’re pretty organised!) startled them a little but I smiled knowing it worked how I planned.

The gift was the boxers he’d been wearing since he got them on Chirstmas day. Charley hadn’t had the best luck in life yet he was always on the nice list so I got him some boxers which would help give his new year a boost. He look of confidence in his eyes says it all really.

Gone was the nerdy body, in was the hunk who was sure to get him whatever he wanted. I kept most of his old personality, I’m not that mean, I just had to alter it to fit.

Make sure to check all of your gifts, you never know what I might have planned for you this year!