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Posted Tue Feb 9, 2016 | 336 Words | Tagged story chav bodysuit

Photo from Tumblr

He popped up on Grindr as soon as I had logged into the app. He seemed like just another one of the robots which were just trying to scam you out of money or whatever they were trying this week.

He wanted me to meet him at his house, and seemed nice enough. Something compelled me to go, it was strange. I wouldn’t have normally done anything like it but everything just felt some calm and right.

I let myself in the house. He didn’t arrive to greet me which was odd. In fact the house seemed quite empty of any kind of life. This gave me a shiver and put me on edge. It was the right thing when I jumped at the sight in the chair in the living room.

The guy I was talking to was laid there. Lifeless. Flat. Empty.

Something tempted me, I wondered why he was so flat. Nervously, as though I expected it to jump to life, I approached. The head was loose and looked kind of like a mask.

Removing my glasses I pulled it over my head. Looking in the mirror above the mantlepiece was the lad’s face. It was exact. I pulled an expression and it just looked right.

I striped off my clothes straight away. I had expected to anyway, but not for something like this. My legs in his legs, my torso in his torso. My dick in his dick. My arms in his arms. I put on his trackies. No, MY trackies.

Thinking in my head was strange. I could remember things that weren’t mine. Well they were now, but… it was strange. I fucking needed a drink. Heading to the kitchen and into the fridge there was a note on my cans,

“Hope you enjoy mate. The cans and the bod”

Course I did. Me mates coming round later for a proper party, that’s what the cans were for. It was getting clearer as I drank, this was who I was now.