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Posted Sat Aug 11, 2018 | 276 Words | Tagged story

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Relationship goals- me working on the computer. BF listening to a hypno file. Why can’t I find a guy like this?

WOOF! I’m down… ;-)

Slow and steady progress. The best way to completely change someone’s mind, slowly and surely that by the time they even realise it’s a little too late. That’s exactly what I’m doing with my boyfriend.

Before I even met him, he wasn’t even gay. I took a little pity on him, and he was pretty different to now. He used to be unhealthy, overweight and just a mess.

Unhappy with his life, I saw him looking out from the high level bridge I would typically walk through. I slipped the earbud into his ear for the first time and saw his eyes melt into nothing. I took him home with me, entirely blank. A blank slate for my own doing. The first step was to give him over to me, love me, want me. It was the easiest to keep him around that way.

The first stage was almost finished. His lifestyle reprogrammed to dumb him down almost complete. Too many thoughts causing him to overthink. Reprogrammed to focus on health and fitness.

Eventually he’s going to be a PT with thick muscles and a dumb cocky attitude to match. Deep down I know he enjoys it too, even if he is being hypnotised into something he could never dream of being.

Just got to finish editing the files for the next few files while he enjoys his current set. Now, do I get him to be my personal trainer? I could do with a little tune up myself.