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Bonus Bowser Boxers

Posted Thu Jul 25, 2019 | 1766 Words | Tagged story bowser bowserday

Dusty had been incredibly excited over since they announced the new Nintendo games recently. They were releasing a new game in one of his favourite franchises, Mario Maker so he was pretty excited to see the gameplay in the new version. All of the ideas of levels him and his friends could put together. Yeah his current job was following other people’s blueprints as a builder, but this allowed him to make his own levels at the very least. He wasn’t smart enough to build a house, but building a few levels for Mario was something he was definitely capable of.

The moment the presentation was finished for the game, and the announcement that pre-orders were available he jumped towards looking at his favourite game shop’s website. He would always order the games from the place thanks to the loyalty points he had been building over some time.

Adding the items to his online basket, and checking his reward points, one of the deals on the checkout was to upgrade to some special edition of the new Mario Maker game at the same time. He wasn’t overly bothered about it, but it wasn’t that much more money. Apparently one of several editions would be sent at random, so why not. It wasn’t even going to use all of his reward points so he added it to his order and paid.

Months later the package arrived from the game shop. The box was a lot larger than expected with lots of packing paper. It was usual for them to overpack the packages like this. First up was the receipt and pulling everything out to check against it.

Everything matched what was on the receipt. Mario Maker.. Bowser edition. He was quite excited to see he lucked out on that. But also a random title named “Bowser Maker”. He hadn’t heard of it, and judging by the cover it was something a little more bootleg. It was on the receipt at least and it was completely free. He knew his local game shop did that kind of thing sometimes of adding a bonus game which wasn’t selling very well.

Except there was a small plastic package. The kind of weird generic package you would get when ordering odd clothing items from one of those cheap discount websites where everything ends up getting sent from China or some similar place. Inside of the packet was a stuffed piece of material in a green colour. It wasn’t even stuffed in like the weird pristine condition clothing usually is before it’s almost impossible to match yourself.

Dusty was most confused about this. Nothing was mentioned on any of the other packaging about this. Just a random bonus item thrown into his package? Nothing even on the invoice about a free item of this sort. Either it was a weird mistake or just some freebie. Looking at it closer there was a print of the usual graphic of Bowser’s face in a red transfer. It was even stranger as there were no official branding on the packaging as you’d expect. He put it down to something “free” with the bootleg game he also had received.

Taking more an interest to these over the items he’d actually ordered, Dusty pulled open the packaging. The cheap packaging pretty much falling apart by being opened. Pulling out the contents revealed a pair of boxers in some stretchy material. And to match with the strangeness, there was of course no tag adding to the strangeness of the item.

Lifting the item up, Dusty decided to give it a sniff. If it was some weird used item that surely would be someway to know. Being a skunk, Dusty would be able to sniff out if it was definitely used at the very least. Sniffing deeply, a definite smell was there. A slight musk from working out at at the gym, mixed with sandalwood and a slight reptilian tone.

Deciding to ignore it, and carry on with the rest of the parcel Dusty pulled down and removed his existing boxers and pulled up the ‘Bowser Boxers’ as he decided to call them. They fit snug with a bit of stretch in them to stretch quite a bit more than him already which was impressive. Dusty’s build at the moment made it a stretch for quite a lot of cheap clothes. They even allowed enough room for his large bushy skunk tail to flow outwards without much problem. A typical problem for a skunk of his build.

Looking in the mirror they fit nice, even if they were a little weird and gave him more of an exposed bulge as to what he was used to. And even weirder coming in the package only the games he actually paid for where meant to come in.

Noticing the games in the box, Dusty quickly pinged back to what was supposed to be the main deal of his delivery. The things he actually paid for. Since the months have gone by, the game he was currently most excited about was the Mario Maker game as all of his friends had received the game already and had uploaded some fun looking courses to play in the game. Clicking it into his Switch, he booted it up and started playing away at some of the courses his mates had been putting together already.

Dusty quickly found that his favourite character wasn’t playable on the new Mario Maker game when it came to creating his own courses. He really enjoyed the little novelty in the previous game of Mario Marker where tapping one of the little statue toys on the console would allow you to play as a range of characters. Sadly the new game that he had just got only allowed you to pick from a few characters, all of which he wasn’t all of that interested in. Sure they played well, but he always preferred the villains in things over the “goodie” or hero characters.

Getting quickly a little bored with his “special edition” of Mario Maker, he closed the game and ejected the cartridge. Looking at the box, he realised there wasn’t really anything that was special edition about the game he received. He sighed, and then picked up the main deal which was the Bowser game, unwrapping it and clicking the cartridge into his system.

It booted up into something typical of a Mario game at the very least. Nothing too weird or creepy, yet anyway. There seemed to be a story element of Bowser had been stripped of his powers at last after stealing the Princess yet again and had a journey to restore his powers and be able to take back control over his castle.

The game started with Bowser without even his shell. Purely a strange creature in what seemed to be a dungeon of some kind. Left for some time to weaken his powers. Even Bowser’s usually powerful body seemed to be deflated and weak. The dark story behind it had Dusty hooked to the game.

At the end of the first world of the game, with the creature guarding the lower dungeon defeated, lay a chest. The creature which just seemed to be some kind of toad guard that hadn’t seen daylight in at least a year or two. Everyone at this level seemed weak, as though they needed to see the sunlight and had grown tired over time.

Dusty opened the chest to find Bowser’s leather straps. One by one, each one was wrapped around Bowser’s arms. The first on his left wrist, as soon as it was clicked on a feeling of growth exploded in Dusty’s wrist. Looking back at the screen, Bowser’s wrist had also exploded with the same amount of muscle and bulk. There was no way to skip it as his left bicep was also strapped, and then his right wrist and his right bicep. His arms looked huge. But so did Bowser’s in the game.

He was enticed to carry on. After all, the extra bulk felt great. The feeling making it’s way down to his crotch and a twitching from his dick ensured he liked it. Sniffing a change in the air, Dusty sniffed himself to find a small bit of gym musk coming from his much larger arms. Much like the hint he got from the boxers he put on earlier. He grinned. This game seemed like fun.

The next world was drawn out as though Bowser was searching through the back passages of his castle. Something which made everything stuffed in the passageways a little creepy. Things that clearly hadn’t been used in some time.

Dusty was so involved with the game he barely felt the stretching and crunching of his neck, chest and back as he progressed through the levels. Higher and higher up in the castle. Once reaching the top, a leather neck band similar to those around Bowser’s arms was found. Adding it to Bowser increased his neck size which Dusty felt as well. Then a powerful roar, Bowser’s roar, erupted from inside of the console and from inside Dusty. In sync with each other.

Dusty was quickly getting tired playing, but continued playing and playing. Through the levels, until he fell into a deep sleep with the console still going in his hand. By this time it was on charge due to how long he’d managed to sink his time into.

Waking up refreshed slowly, Dusty found himself disorientated as he saw his surroundings to be a castle. Pulling his body up, he felt the extra weight of the muscle and weight of his now much larger body. Feeling the unusual weight, he remembered the straps, the weird game, the underwear he was wearing.

Seeing himself in the mirror. The form he was pulling. His face was even distorted. It was almost as though he was some mashup between Bowser and his skunky self. He sniffed himself, and he definitely smelt like it.

Next to the mirror was a large shell. Large enough for a beast like a Bowser. Spikey and powerful, like a Bowser.

A small note was placed on the shell, “Put on the shell, take your fate as king. Leave it and awake forgetting it all”. This put Dusty in some kind of situation. What to decide.

Not being one with the brain cells, or time for hard decisions. He picked the must fun option. The castle would be his to rule, and whatever else he felt like ruling.

Dusty in a Bowser Form

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