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Orcish Skunk

Posted Sun Nov 3, 2019 | 718 Words | Tagged story skunk orc halloween

It was close to Halloween and like usual Dusty hadn’t thought much about what he wanted to do for Halloween. Usually it ended up him thinking fairly last minute and then browsing the various cheap tat shops for an assortment of cheap items to come together to form some kind of look. It tended to work quite well for him considering the time and effort put into it. It was always busy for his work at this time of year, so finding the time was always difficult.

The night before Halloween was this years day of choice to browse and find a look, considering for once he was let off early from the building site as things had started getting back to schedule. Roughly anyway, that was after finding half of the walls needed rebuilding as the plans didn’t allow for any pipes to fit in the building.

This year his favourite tat shop had a slight focus on some other Halloween characters to dress up as. The plastic “all in one costume” bag had a drawing of the intended character on the front. This one was a large, green wall of muscle followed up by a face with large tusks taking up a large portion of the face, framing the orc in a strong position.

Not usually one for the “all in one” costumes, Dusty was conflicted but seeing “Adult Size - Fits All” persuaded him to buy it. Wether or not he’d actually fit into the costume would be another matter. If he didn’t, he’d have to try and return it tomorrow and somehow find something that does fit on the final day.

When Dusty was home he unwrapped the bag for his Halloween costume. It was pretty small looking for what was supposed to be a huge costume. Two large arms filled with padding to make you look bigger while also usually looking pretty silly at the same time. “Mouldable” tusks and most unusually of all “Halloween eye drops”. Whatever they were meant to be.

Trying on the arms, they were a little tight, as he expected. Leaving the other items, they would of course fit with something he could wear to complete his costume and seemed to be enough for a single use without much else.

On the night of Halloween, Dusty was getting ready for his Halloween outing. Pulling on his padded orcish green arms, they felt dense and tight like he wanted. Following the instructions, he managed the mould the tusks onto his teeth, improving the orcish look. Trying to talk with them in was proving a little more difficult than he had hoped though, although that was half the point of an orc. They felt pretty sturdy too and unlikely to just fall out somewhere.

Last was the weird eye drops, which looking on the bottle seemed to be completely fine to use. The liquid was a dark black and a large drop splashed into one of Dusty’s eyes. He was used to having to drop various liquids into his eyes, but this was different. What was almost a solid black quickly turned translucent and he was able to see. Asssuming it was normal, he continued with the other eye.

Looking in the mirror he almost scared himself with the visual effect they gave him. His eyes were almost entirely black, almost possessed even. The effect was even better as he played his eyes in the mirror, moving around and generally spooking himself out.

Then he felt a thumb through his entire body, coming from his arms which knocked him to his knees. Something felt incredibly strong. Looking down at his arms, there was an unknown strength in them and they didn’t feel as restricted anymore, nor really covered in cheap fabric. Feeling the skin, he felt, through the hands of the costume, tough dense skin.

He tried to think what was going on, but the cogs in his mind were getting stuck. As though they were stuck together with a deep green orcish goop.

Grunting and clumisly making his way out for Halloween night, the partial-orc Dusty made his way to the Halloween party for his next member of his horde.

Orc Skunk

Thanks to Shenzai who drew the spooky art for this story. Their spooky limited time comission style is amazing!

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