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ukscallys: Fit as fuck all of them specially one on the left ! Maxwell was on his usual way to work in his suit, as he always did. He enjoyed the high life of wearing expensive suits and never thought twice about the sheer volumes of money he was moving day to day with a click of a button at his desk. That was until one day, when the lads were keeping eye on his posh car.

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Horny Chav Bake Gets a group of lads so horny, and all they can do is wear sports clothes while doing so this is a fast acting bake, combined with the most needed vitamins and minerals to keep them at it like rabbits for hours. Once they’re in gear, their tongues twist and only respond with cocky slang. With every word, their accent travels down to a thick scouse variety.

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You were having a period where yet again you seemed to be exhausted over doing anything and having half awake periods daydreaming of various things. One time you daydreamed seeing a product on your phone, a bunch of spliffs advertised to bring out the inner brickie in you. What you didn’t expect was for them to turn up through your letterbox a day later. You read it over and it was exactly how you remember them to be during your daydream.

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You wanted to change everything didn’t you? Just down the can and you’ll wake up feeling how you want to feel. You lapped up the offer, sick of everything. You woke up in your mates house remembering parts of two lives. The new life, the one you crave feeling so good. The new life, with a new name, new memories, new mates, new feelings. More importantly, the new attitude showing through.

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Fantasy I’ve been having for the past week or two. Finally trying to put it into words. Original photo. I walked into the room wondering why someone shouted my name. Why would someone shout my name into the locker room? I was sure nobody even knew who I was in the gym. I looked over to a chair someone had pulled out and on it was a full liverpool kit.

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Heavily inspired by What I Like on Gay Spiral Stories I was in a bar when I saw him. True it wasn’t my normal scene, I was pretty stocky with my work clothes on but I was just exhausted and this was the nearest place I could find to get away from it all. Away from everyone I knew. That’s when he sat next to me, “Alright mate. You could do with a drink, let me get you something”

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My favourite gift was one that arrived at my door, all wrapped and neat. How odd, but didn’t think less of it. It was a wonderfully decorated box, almost as though it was from a fancy cosmetics shop. Inside was various bath bombs. And of course there had to be a few of my favourite ones so far, the lad bomb. It was the first one I tried because damn it feels so good to be like this.

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I bought the amulet from eBay thinking it looked pretty neat and decided to wear it when meeting one of my friends on my course, Mason. Mason annoyed me at times, as he struggled really hard to deal with the work but he was a nice lad. He’d also recently came out to me, and I think he liked me but he just wasn’t the kind of lad I’d go for.

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Woods was starting to really call to me too often. He would tempt me into wearing his hat, letting him out and control my life. I wanted to be back on track and try to move on from him. I didn’t want to upset him, so I thought about giving him a new owner, someone who actually wanted him more than me. Yeah I wanted him so badly, but it was starting to get a bit silly.

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