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I could do with a new pair of shoes to stink up. Shoes are so expensive, so if you’re offering I may as well splash out on myself. No takebacks, no none at all are allowed. You feel that, your arms and legs turning a bright red colour. Also getting a ridge in the middle. How about your feet and hands. They seem to be spreading out a little. How about the room anyway?

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I think you’ll find one day passing one of the big fancy sports shops and curiously wondering what’s inside. It feels strange because you’ve never been interested in anything they seem to sell. You go to the EA7 line in the shop and find a blue t-shirt and go to try it on. You didn’t even look at the price, almost as if it were begging you to at least try it on.

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I couldn’t find a picture for this, but here goes :( Also I’ve never been called Sir (I’m not that old yet D:) My school was a strange place. There were a lot of rumours to say the least. A lot of people just didn’t care, went to school and then went home but a few, including myself, and most of the student newspaper team were very suspicious of. The biggest rumour was the football team.

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You wouldn’t believe this is what was left of Tyler Possey. In fact a lot of people had forgotten about him already after his sudden disappearance. Many presumed he was dead, others thought he just left due to stress. He just called himself ‘Ty’ these days as his mind had slowed down so much it was just easier to say. The silly thing had fell in the mud again, he didn’t mind that much though as all of the guys here loved being as dirty as possible.

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amazingmalenudity: Nick Jonas I was browsing the internet, being dirt tired from a busy day of work and then around a friend’s house helping them move into a new house so I decided to spend the rest of the evening browsing the internet and dipped into the rabbit hole of the quizzes. Quizzes of anything, “What type of dog are you?” “Are you gay?” “What character from Harry Potter are you?

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