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The new recruits were lined up their bed, allowing the injections to flow through their bodies. Slowly ensuring each and every muscle was perfect, their legs perfect for running miles, their arms ready for action. Each and every one of them started as dead-end students looking for a new life, and they were almost ready for one.

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You were nervous going into the shop. The army surplus store seemed not the shop you would typically go in. However, you plucked up the courage to go in and have a look. Instantly sights of camo gear excites you. You carefully browse, thinking you could probably pull off the look you were going for. You take a bundle of gear into the small changing room in the corner and strip down.

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He was sat there in the chair minding his own business in his worn jeans and some skateboarding top when the headphones were inserted. Sono he barely could keep himself awake. When he wakes he wont realise he’s dressed any differently, the hair on his head will be short (next thing to happen to him) or that the tattoos appeared just as easily. Pumping through his head is some attitude adjustments and he’ll be ready for the army.

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Recruit is already almost ready for enlisting. Here he is being processed, he was some nerd who was having a hard time, won’t be for much longer. The spit will trickle down and sort out that body and mind of his. It will spread out, growing his muscles. Dulling his mind. Then he’ll crave the cum of his new mates in the truck. He’ll be fighting all the way, trying to claw back his old life.

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Pro-tip: Guys in gym locker rooms are great for giving story ideas The army was recruiting thick and fast these days. This nerd was still in the process of being recruited. The process was full of just feeling better and better. He was overweight, depressed and generally down when he joined the gym. Luckily he picked this one where they were giving away free workout drinks. His brains were the first to drop, they always were the first to go.

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Nobody these days wanted to join the army, so the army ended up resorting to… other methods. Here is one of their recruits, trying his hardest to gain muscle. When he heard about “TEAM MILITARY MUSCLE” and their ridiculous claims they made he didn’t believe it. That was until they got him in the t-shirt. Then it wasn’t long before his muscles ballooned out, while costing the smarts in his mind.

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