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I got a phone call at a couple minutes past midnight. I wondered who would bother to phone me, especially on my birthday, surely just posting ‘Happy Birthday’ on Facebook would be enough for people. The guy on the end of the phone spoke smoothly talking about something and my mind started to get a little foggy. I felt a smile creep on my face whenever he said a certain word, but my head was hurting so much I couldn’t think as to what it was.

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I woke up to a strange email saying “TD Labs Activation Code Delivery”. Assuming it was just something someone had sent me for my birthday, I opened it to find a link to some strange website. I click it anyway and it loaded fairly quickly and presented itself as “Chronivac”. It looked fairly legitimate and had a scary amount of detail pre-set about me. Either someone had stalked me down or maybe this was something I could play with a lot.

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My favourite gift was one that arrived at my door, all wrapped and neat. How odd, but didn’t think less of it. It was a wonderfully decorated box, almost as though it was from a fancy cosmetics shop. Inside was various bath bombs. And of course there had to be a few of my favourite ones so far, the lad bomb. It was the first one I tried because damn it feels so good to be like this.

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