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He popped up on Grindr as soon as I had logged into the app. He seemed like just another one of the robots which were just trying to scam you out of money or whatever they were trying this week. He wanted me to meet him at his house, and seemed nice enough. Something compelled me to go, it was strange. I wouldn’t have normally done anything like it but everything just felt some calm and right.

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He had bought the full length mirror on the afternoon after his first bodysuit arrived. The new body was able to carry it with ease with all of the new muscles, in fact he was slightly scared of carrying it and breaking it by flinging it off somewhere. He spends his time off inside the suit, admiring the body, heck soon he may even go out with it. Nobody tell him that keeping it on for more than 24 hours kind of makes the zip malfunction…

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It was 9am on a Sunday and I heard the doorbell ring multiple times. I don’t even know who would be wanting into my house at this time, but it sure wasn’t anyone I was expecting. Answering the door it was the postman delivering a large and heavy parcel. I quickly put it down behind me, the door thing must have carried it from his van and it was incredibly heavy.

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“God I wish I could be fit like him” I sighed walking past the football field, looking over at my favourite player of them all. An old lady walked past me and whispered into my ear, “Your wish has been granted, kind child”. I tried to call out to her, but she was gone before I knew it. I wondered what she was going on about but I left it at that.

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My little shop was a strange little place. I sell all kinds of things which can do many different things. Sometimes products which are more special than others. Technically what I sell is ‘health and beauty’ products but that’s only because it’s the closest category. It was getting into the evening when there were two chavs wondering around looking like they wanted to cause trouble. I thought I’d try and persuade them to pay me a visit.

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Seeing him confident and cocky every day in the doorway to his house I had to pass on my way home pained me. He had no job, just living in a council house and always seemed happy about his life. I didn’t know if it was hating him or just wanting to be something like him. I now know I absolutely fucking love it. I found a small little shop in town by accident, “The shop of change” it had in fairly small writing.

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