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It was a job interview day, so I decided I had to get my hair cut an hour or so before hand so I walked in to the small barber shop and took a seat as usual and waited for one of the barbers to call me over for a hair cut. Being an interview I was probably slightly overdressed for most people who would come into the barbers, wearing a white shirt, a clip on tie and black trousers.

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enchantedclothes: WOW - more attention on this tumblr in 4 days than I’ve had with…probably any tumblr I’ve ever had over the last 7 years! Thanks, y’all! Annnnd, one of my new followers asked me to turn someone invisible, and sent the above to me! (Thanks!) It was a hell of a challenge and use of the clone stamp was limited. There were ZERO ‘content-aware’ tool strokes. It’s not 100%.

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I sat down finally on the platform absolutely nackered, ready to go home on the train. A few minutes later, another person appears on the platform. Being a Sunday evening the station was usually empty. He walked past talking on the phone to one of his mates, trying to be quiet but loud enough you could hear his voice. Deep, slightly croaky but rough enough to make me interested.

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I loved Steven Gerard. Shamefully I lusted after him so much. Those strong muscular thighs. That face. I’d do anything just to be him, or even just feel him for real. I’d also ended up changing who I supported based on him. This was in the middle of the first game I could afford to go to. Well, afford was a silly word because I won the tickets from a competition and managed to get there on a megabus.

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Introduction – – open it on a laptop or desktop! You look at the ticket the machine gave you, it simply read “New body in the near future”. Confused you just put the ticket into your pocket and continue browsing the shop. At the end of the day, you feel really nice and relaxed in bed and drift off easily to sleep. You start to dream of floating, but it felt nice and airy.

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I’ve been reading things like this on Amazon at the moment via Kindle Unlimited and that one inspired this a little Sometimes living in a block of run-down flats in a run-down area was quite fun. I would always stare out of my window watching the chavs around the corner get pissed most nights. I hope they didn’t see me staring at them getting hard all of the time, especially as I couldn’t risk being beaten up by any of them and having to take time off work.

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amazingmalenudity: Nick Jonas I was browsing the internet, being dirt tired from a busy day of work and then around a friend’s house helping them move into a new house so I decided to spend the rest of the evening browsing the internet and dipped into the rabbit hole of the quizzes. Quizzes of anything, “What type of dog are you?” “Are you gay?” “What character from Harry Potter are you?

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