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I loved Steven Gerard. Shamefully I lusted after him so much. Those strong muscular thighs. That face. I’d do anything just to be him, or even just feel him for real. I’d also ended up changing who I supported based on him. This was in the middle of the first game I could afford to go to. Well, afford was a silly word because I won the tickets from a competition and managed to get there on a megabus.

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You wouldn’t believe this is what was left of Tyler Possey. In fact a lot of people had forgotten about him already after his sudden disappearance. Many presumed he was dead, others thought he just left due to stress. He just called himself ‘Ty’ these days as his mind had slowed down so much it was just easier to say. The silly thing had fell in the mud again, he didn’t mind that much though as all of the guys here loved being as dirty as possible.

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Tyler had gone for a jog around his local park, getting annoyed at the usual stoners who seemed to lounge around not doing anything. He was surprised they were as thin as they were. Stupid kids. On his second lap, one of the stupid kids decided to trip him over and with him trying to focus on just jogging he fell quite easily for it, right onto his front. They then managed to turn him over and stick a joint in his mouth and forced him to smoke it.

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