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Motorway Services

You needed to get out and away from everything. Too much stuff going on with work, too much stuff going on with your home life and you just needed some time out from everything. Ending up on the cheap long distance coach website almost immediately after booking a whole week away from work, you started to look for places you could get to without blowing what money you had on. Amazingly it was going to be pretty cheap to go the capital, London, but it was on the overnight coach.

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Checking the time as he pulled into the car park, Mark realised he was just about on time for opening up the vape shop he was a manager at. That was until he was blocked off by a blacked out car driving in and a white large transit van blocking the car park exit. There was no other real route out except trying to jump the large fences like the kids do when they inevitably got caught running across the roof again.

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He was never expecting his trip to Manchester to end up like this. Mark had been on a tight budget to go see his favourite drag queen on one of her only two shows in the UK and Manchester was the only affordable place to get to at such short notice. Short notice also meant picking the first affordable Airbnb which wasn’t too far out of the city. Short notice meant getting this room which in the listing was fairly neutral in terms of decoration.

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Dean was asleep on his bed, sleeping in on his Saturday like he would normally do. That was until he was bolted awake by a stern knock on his bedroom door. He wondered why anyone would do such a thing, he didn’t need to be up, nor should anyone have been able to get into his house at this time. He didn’t have long to wonder, his half asleep mind not really knowing what was going on.

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ukscallys: Fit as fuck all of them specially one on the left ! Maxwell was on his usual way to work in his suit, as he always did. He enjoyed the high life of wearing expensive suits and never thought twice about the sheer volumes of money he was moving day to day with a click of a button at his desk. That was until one day, when the lads were keeping eye on his posh car.

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It started because you were fed up of being inside from the bad weather. You decided you’d go out for a wonder just for some fresh air and a stretch of your legs. You decided to head to the walkable-distance shops, but not the closest. Just to get some distance in and out of the house for a considerable amount of time. When you got to the path underneath the bypass you stopped.

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belfastchavlads: Fuck yea mate. You envied the lads wearing TNs and their Nike tracksuits. Nike was on your mind quite often. How you wish you would look sometime as good as them wearing them. All these wishes and thoughts, yet you never put any of them into action. Then Christmas Day and you were finally able to drive down and only deal with your family for the one day before driving back home on the evening.

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ukscallyladz: 👟ukscallyladz👟 Moving to a new city ends up with a load of question you never think about until you need to know them. One of them for Drake was knowing where to get a decent haircut. Having moved from his small town and knowing the place there for many years, a new place many many hours away meant he had to find a completely new place. Being the kind of person he was he just searched on the internet and found a place with good reviews and it even listed the price on the website.

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nikehypnosneak: sneakermask: Nike Shox Mask I want one! You got the random package in the post and it looked like a bundle of broken shoes. No return address or anything, you didn’t know what to do. And that’s when it jumped onto your face and how it’s stayed there. All you can breathe is through the Shox. Whatever the Shox wants you to breathe, you will breathe. That’s when your mind fogged up.

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ukscallyladz: 👟ukscallyladz👟 You were browsing Grindr for a hook-up. One seemed interesting and so you got chatting and chatting away on the app. You decided to meet up with the guy, even though he seemed like a scruffy chav and not normally your type he seemed to have some personality. You started to feel a moment of regret when you took the bus which winded through council estate after council estate.

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