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The three lads had got the costumes in their presents from their slightly deranged auntie this christmas. She was lovely, but some of the gifts she got people were a little strange, but they loved her nonetheless as she was technically still part of the family. After a while they didn’t even seem to mind wearing the costumes and even ventured out to the pub on boxing day wearing them.

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He’s got one last present he surprised you with. He’s looking slightly different today. He always was a little conscious of his body and today he’s walking around, almost aimlessly with his top off showing off himself. You’re happy he’s got a little change of attitude, but you didn’t expect a present. You unwrap it to find a pair of dirty underwear and trackies like his own. He pounces on you, noticing a glance in his eyes, now even more blank.

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These three lads entered the competition months ago for a prize from Santa. They thought it sounded great, a ton of gifts. What they didn’t read was the small print and now their prize was taking hold. They put on the silly hats thinking it was just some silly thing. As you can see from number 1, his hat has already reshaped into his antlers and judging by his nose he is this year’s Rudolph.

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This was going to be the best Chirstmas yet now my dad handed over the job of Santa to me. It ran in the family, hence why “he’s” been around for so long. My dad retired after last year realising that he was finally getting really old. Now it was my turn, and I thought I’d start it with a bit of a bang. This is Charley. The photo that came through to our customer satisfaction team (ok we’re pretty organised!

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It was christmas morning and the lads woke slowly from their drunken antics. Slowly they began to rise and shine, making their way downstairs for the usual drunken group photo. Something was really off though, they had got up a lot more lively and seemed a lot more interested in each other this year. They could only keep themselves together long enough for the photo before they couldn’t help themselves.

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Every year Santa needs to pick new “Elves” to work in his factory. Here he is finishing off on one he seems quite fond of. Don’t worry though, they all want this. He only chooses those who wish to serve and obey. All it takes is to put on the jockstrap and they’re ready for the factory. Doesn’t matter what kind of body you have neither, the jock takes control of that.

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Inside the box, wrapped in christmas paper, left on your doorstep is simply a pair of goggles. You put them on and look in the mirror, and the light bounces into them and you yell in pain. The light bursting out, incredibly strongly. Feeling it you feel your clothes get tighter and tighter and the jeans texture smooths out, the cotton feeling rubbery. Fuck, it felt good. Finally, once complete you look in the mirror to see your eyes flaring around multiple colours in the mirror.

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He had bought it as a joke for his friend, knowing he’d probably find the funny side of things. He chose for it to be gift wrapped, being the lazy person he was. And the fact he was christmas shopping at 3am didn’t make him think about checking all of the options. When his friend opened up he just laughed manically, knowing what it was and decided to put it up above his bed just to complete the look.

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Gav, happy with the new him thought it’d be grand to put up the other flag in the room where the math club met. He used to be part of them, but now he only thought he could save the poor fuckers. It wasn’t long before they had all stripped down, all tranced by the flag. Was it patterns deep in the fabric? Was it the smell of the flag?

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