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jaxman52077: So awesome. They were incredibly happy together after a couple years into their relationship, but something felt just off. It was if something was wrong with both of them, they were fully educated, in full time work, had a nice house, but still something just felt off. Until the mysterious USB stick turned up on their doorstep that is. Curious as to what it could be, they plugged it into their machine.

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He thought playing with the Chronivac was going to be fun. It was, for the first few months of changing into the player. Running around, seeing the lads, chasing the ball himself. It was so easy, and so right for him to do. He slipped away almost entirely into being number 11, Henderson on the team. That’s what he wanted. He left his memories as they were and he remembered just being able to think clearly.

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Dave pressed the random button on Chronivac out of boredom. He had nothing to do for the entire weekend for once and wanted some fun, whatever it may provide. The screen flashed up “CIGAR DADDY” and started a progress bar like it always would. Dave was slightly surprised, he never really found cigars hot or anything but there was no turning back now. He looked in his webcam and he saw instantly, yeah that was one of his cigars wasn’t it.

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I checked my postbox and noticed something I barely remembered ordering! I finally got my Chronivac from that thing on the internet a while ago! I ripped open the box and was amazed at how small the little device inside was. It almost looked like one of those small USB drives, but this was something a lot more powerful. I thought work could wait 5 minutes, or it wouldn’t even matter in 5 minutes anyway.

Read More Posted Sun Jan 3, 2016 | 307 Words | Tagged story chronivac thank you to orangehares for sending me these pictures

Have a new experience with Chronivac’s new preset evenings. Simply select a preset expertly put together by our team to give you a fun evening. Or simply select random and enjoy whatever you end up with. Safety is our priority and we try to ensure the evening is as enjoyable as possible. We also have the option to forget it all if things do go wrong. Here’s a photo from one of our testers, Craig.

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It was such a long day today and so I went to bed fairly early. I knew my parent’s especially my dad wouldn’t be happy with me not wanting to talk to me. The days seemed to merge lately, it’s not the best when I’ve got college all day and then hearing my dad go on saying how he never sees me, never takes an interest in anything he wants me to.

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As soon as he heard the doorbell, he knew what it was. His copy of the Chronivac had arrived in the post. He rushed out to get it and get it installed. He marvelled at all of the options. Wondering what to try out. So many options, so little time. But then he thought, he had one fantasy he really wanted to try. He tried it out on the physical changes first.

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