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Dean was asleep on his bed, sleeping in on his Saturday like he would normally do. That was until he was bolted awake by a stern knock on his bedroom door. He wondered why anyone would do such a thing, he didn’t need to be up, nor should anyone have been able to get into his house at this time. He didn’t have long to wonder, his half asleep mind not really knowing what was going on.

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I did a mistake again. I ended up getting the football train again into the city centre. Not being much of a football fan meant I never knew when there was a game on and it always ended up being on a day where I needed or wanted to head into town. It pulled up full of black and white shirts and my face drops. There’s a bit of space in the end doors so I get in there but I’m still surrounded by fans who have probably started drinking an hour or so beforehand

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Dylan was a bit of a nerd without much outside of his career going on. He didn’t have any interest apart from gaming and playing with a computer, no sports or anything. That was until I had my hands on him. Filling him up with words spoken deep into him, he was to be a footie lad. He had to do everything to become the footie lad he now craved, needed to be.

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Fantasy I’ve been having for the past week or two. Finally trying to put it into words. Original photo. I walked into the room wondering why someone shouted my name. Why would someone shout my name into the locker room? I was sure nobody even knew who I was in the gym. I looked over to a chair someone had pulled out and on it was a full liverpool kit.

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It was 5.30 in the morning. I had enough of the noise in my building. Being a student in a block of student flats was not enjoyable in the slightest. Thankfully my building was mostly quiet. However it was Monday morning, and I had to go to my job in a few hours. I tried phoning to get someone to come out and tell them off. I tried going down and yelling at them once already.

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You bought the football top off one of those dodgy looking websites. It was cheap enough, and would look good for it’s purpose of dressing up with. You weren’t really into football at all, never mind even to play it. Sure the players were quite fit but that was about it. It arrived fairly quickly and you decided to try it on. Strangely giving it a smell proved why it was so cheap, it wasn’t brand new like you thought.

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