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Kink Gym

Walking around during your lunch break at work, you notice one of the very large, units not tucked away from the local rundown highstreet. And it was a gym with a neat litle sign on the outside for “Total Gym24”. It sounded like one of those generic 24 hour gyms which were popping up everywhere. You made a note of the gym to look up later to see if it was worth checking out in more detail.

Read More Posted Sat Sep 23, 2023 | 1571 Words | Tagged story gym

The Massage Chair

This story has been worked on for quite some time, since 2019 since I had a year break from writing. Your budget chain gym had been pestering you with email updates about some kind of improvement program they were running at the moment. Apologies and all that for closing the gym at early in the morning to move thing around to add in a new floor. You were thankful for them spending the time and money to expand the gym massively, although the amount of updates and marketing over it was a little too much.

Read More Posted Sat Dec 26, 2020 | 993 Words | Tagged story gym pt