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Orcish Skunk

It was close to Halloween and like usual Dusty hadn’t thought much about what he wanted to do for Halloween. Usually it ended up him thinking fairly last minute and then browsing the various cheap tat shops for an assortment of cheap items to come together to form some kind of look. It tended to work quite well for him considering the time and effort put into it. It was always busy for his work at this time of year, so finding the time was always difficult.

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Halloween. The time to cause mischief and get away with it in costume with barely any consequences. That was certainly the case for you and your mates when they decided to spend the evening wondering around the deserted building. It was quiet which you liked. Halloween was full of kids in silly costumes anyway. You trailed off from his friends to have an explore through the building. Going down a floor, you heard a bang from a cupboard.

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source of image - go read mr hallow’s debut story I was in desperate need of a halloween costume, and all of the shops were either really expensive or incredibly terrible cheap rubbish. Luckily one shop was open on my way home, after almost giving up on my search. The name of the shop was “Hallows costume shoppe”. Surely I must have found it hours ago if it looked as old as it did.

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He was not planning on doing anything for Halloween. Instead he was just going to sit in and have a nice night to himself. His friends protested and persisted he go out with them, but he just wasn’t in the mood to bother with anything like that. Then a package arrived for him, which he couldn’t remember ordering. The box was fairly small, enough to possibly get a mug in and that’s about it.

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Image by Newbold Bohemia With halloween coming up you are stuck deciding what to buy for your costume. You don’t want to buy one of the silly costumes and look like everyone else. You want something unique. When shopping around in the local shopping centre, you notice a small shop which looks reasonably new although slightly run down. You enter and are already in awe over their range of products.

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