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Request from @hypnoboyss This is what this prick used to look like. Dunno what he thought he was doin coming to “study” in Liverpool without trying to not act like a prick. Sure the cunt said sumert about sports scholarship or sumert dumb like that. He thought he was fuckin clever comin onto the estate absolutely plastered shouting shit. I thought it was about time he met some propa lads and we showed im what’s proper round ere.

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For hypnoboyss​ I had everything a guy like me could want. Enough money saved up so I could retire in the next couple of years and live myself a reasonably happy life. Yeah, being a fairly young smart stock broker really was a good life. I got a text on my phone so I glanced over to see if it was anything important. Well that was pretty strange. First of all, who could be called “?

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requested by hypnoboyss Being as sexy as I am, I always end up getting laid after hitting the clubs. Life was really fun most of the time. How many guys have I slept with? Hehe, I don’t make a list I’d need to have a book or something. Today it was time for the gym. Cardio like usual, gotta keep any fat off this lovely body otherwise it’d get bloated and no sex for me.

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