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Jocked Orange Singlet

That orange singlet. You keep seeing it pretty much everywhere. Wish, AliExpress, DHGate. All of the cheap places selling stuff directly from China. Everyone looked just so good in the stretchy bit of fabric which seemed to cost no more than $15. How did such a thing come about, how could it even be that nice to wear for such a small amount of money anyway? Especially when it had to be also shipped almost all the way around the world.

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Timothy was snooping around in the locker room when he saw the 24 kit lying around, as if one of the jocks had just thrown it off and vanished. What was strange to Timothy was he did not know of a 24, nor why it smelt of fresh jock. It was on odd smell, but he knew it from his frequent trips to see what was left after the college football team had finished practice for the day.

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He woke up one morning fairly groggy and managed to get himself to his sofa where he saw a familar red bundle of cloth. It was a wrestling singlet that was one of his school’s team would wear. But why was it on his sofa anyway? He picked it up and gave it a sniff. It reeked really strongly of musk from one of the wrestlers. But why would he have this on his sofa?

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Your friend had dragged you out shopping for the day. He was acting a little strange lately, always outside and playing sports and such, when you remember him mostly as being an indoors kind of person like you usually on the internet probably trolling some forum somewhere. He claimed you needed to “get out more” whatever that was supposed to mean. You let him get his way, at least you’d be able to figure out what was going through his head at least.

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Finally found a picture to write a story up about that weird dream last year I knew I shouldn’t have sneaked into the locker room, even though I thought the team had gone home. Turns out the coach had just decided to take the team into the gym first and then out onto the field. That had me running for the exit, and as fast as I could. When they saw the second of me sniffing one of their jockstraps, they turned like a pack of bulls.

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Dan was browsing through playlists on Spotify and came across an unusual one. Just labeled “Dumb Jock” with each other tracks simply labeled by a number, counting from 10 down to 1. Liking the idea of a dumb jock in general and being curious as to what the contents of the playlist actually was, he decided to play the playlist and see what would happen. It started as a plain techno track with a beat, but something underneath it.

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When Jake returned from his family to his door room, his jock room-mate was already there sat watching some football game or another. Jake didn’t really know much about football, nor really care. Jake’s room-mate didn’t beat Jake up, nor try to make his life hell, but showed the typical jock signs. Dumb. Loud. Cocky. His room-mate gave Jake a present from Christmas. Jeering he said, “you’ll love it bro”. Rolling his eyes, Jake opened it up to reveal a baseball cap and a large tank top with “USA” written over it.

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mentalaberration: Ok coach,I got the suit on. How’s this supposed to help me train? Josh always envied the jocks, with their care-free attitudes, muscles and how dedicated they were to their sport. Josh wanted to be one, but how could he when he barely understood any of the rules of any sports, let alone the body to play them. And to top it all off, he certainly wasn’t a care-free person.

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The nerd had wondered into the locker room not long before and saw the sweaty musky football pads on the bench. He thought about fulfilling one of his deepest fantasies of wearing the football gear. There was clearly nobody around, so he carefully picked them up, trying not to make much noise and took them to a cubicle. He was too shy to let anyone, if they walked in on him, see him getting changed.

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When they weren’t looking the two neon green “BRO” caps were placed on their heads. Backwards of course. Startled for a moment of something placed on their heads, the caps took root. Quickly their minds became relaxed and accepted who they were. Relaxing and relaxing, letting all of their smarts drain out. They look pretty chill now don’t they. Think it’d suit you bro, hold still.

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