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It was 5.30 in the morning. I had enough of the noise in my building. Being a student in a block of student flats was not enjoyable in the slightest. Thankfully my building was mostly quiet. However it was Monday morning, and I had to go to my job in a few hours. I tried phoning to get someone to come out and tell them off. I tried going down and yelling at them once already.

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The lab is pretty good at coming up with all kinds of concoctions to make people into what they have dreamed of becoming. It’s partly why I loved working here, although I stick to the software side of things I was able to get a sneak peak at the recent report which came in. The guy wanted to be like this, of course he did. We try our best to make sure all of our customers want what they’re given.

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This is a long one! I could see at last. I didn’t know what had happened but one moment I was at my computer, and the next I heard a claxon and then a few seconds later bag over my head. After that darkness fell into unconsciousness. I could see I was tied down to a chair, and thankfully kept my dignity by keeping my clothes on. I heard footsteps and my captors walked up to me, ripping off the piece of packing tape they had used to keep my mouth shut.

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