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I wrote a couple of CYOC chapters, this will let you view the whole story chain (may take a couple seconds to load) and mine are the two bottom ones.

Read More Posted Fri Jan 15, 2016 | 30 Words | Tagged story mechanic

I was getting my lunch from the fast food place as usual on the Friday. I liked to treat myself on a Friday after a hard week in my office job trying to finish software that was meant to be done yesterday, the usual. Typing away trying to make things work. The area I lived in was under a bit of a redevelopment, so it had a mix of brand new offices, new flats, council houses and a few small bits of industry like car garages.

Read More Posted Thu Dec 24, 2015 | 430 Words | Tagged story mechanic can't remember if i wrote this or not

Thanks to Alex for coming up with the idea for this. Imagine they’re mechanics, I’m really struggling for imagery in this area. (If anyone knows a treasure trove of mechanic photos please tell me!) The new recruits always wear orange to show how they’re new and need showing the ranks of how we work in the garage. I met him on a night out in the town with me work mates.

Read More Posted Thu Dec 24, 2015 | 314 Words | Tagged story mechanic

He was late again for work and had to hurry off to work. As usual he slowed down and watched the mechanics at the local garage. He wasn’t looking when he walked straight into one of them holding a greasy, oily boiler suit and tied it around his neck, not allowing him to see. The smell was intense and rushed straight to his head and knocked him out for an hour.

Read More Posted Thu Dec 17, 2015 | 186 Words | Tagged story mechanic

He was just walking past the garage he did on his way to work, when this time instead of the friendly smile he got from the mechanics, he felt a punch to his face knocking him out. He awoke in the office chair, feeling his hands died down, and his mouth gagged. He couldn’t even move his chest as it ha been taped down. He could see he wasn’t dressed in the clothes he had went out in the morning.

Read More Posted Mon Oct 19, 2015 | 316 Words | Tagged story workie mechanic