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Halvor Grows

Thanks to zi0808 who drew the amazing art for this story. He’s a fantastic artist you should go commission him! Halvor really wanted to grow. He tried hard, working out as often as possible, even when he probably should be resting. The urge to feel his muscles tight, bigger, stronger. The urge that had grown and grown since he started working out with his alpha. The buzz when he could lift a much higher weight than before, especially for exercises that were usually once a week such as his personal favourite, deadlifts.

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The Muscle Dogtag

Inspired by Joey was really excited for Christmas. He wasn’t sure at all what his pack were getting him for Christmas, but he hoped it was going to be something good. This was after dealing with the usual “requirement” of dealing with the tiring normal family trying to find some present for the year. The small box covered in wrapping paper was interesting. Joey opened it slowly, tearing only small amounts of wrapping paper to be presented with a fairly standard black box.

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There was an almost perfectly placed box just outside the shop. A little battered, but it was a bright, almost glowing, orange colour which attracted my attention immediately. I picked it up thinking whatever it was, and inside was a strange little device. It looked like one of those sound effect players you would get as a “stocking filler” at Christmas time, but this was a little bit different.

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Hope you enjoy Anon, The guy pulled me into the dim lit alley on my way home from a late walk to the supermarket for the inevitable forgotten bits before work the next day. He was a pretty buff, and had a thick Malaysian accent. He asked if I wanted to get shredded at his new gym or something. He said it was free, and I was incredibly tired so I, for some stupid reason, agreed.

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