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No returns? I don’t think you’d want to return your present, and err they didn’t exactly come with a receipt. It wouldn’t be fair to wrap them up, so I’ll have to go get them. There you go, two lovely dogs to keep you company. Ah yeah, be careful with the leads. They… oh well, you seem quite happy with them so you’ll just have to find out. You need good strong arms to keep a hold of them.

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Prompted by @orangehares​ Jimmy’s phone binged and he checked it. He was out with his friend Joe who was getting distracted by some poster which didn’t line up properly or something silly like that. The message was from his calendar app and the event simply read “bye bye nerd in 1m”. Confused Jimmy opened the event and read the rest of it, “I’ve fukin decided to show ur frnd the real fukker who’s in charge.

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