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Orcish Skunk

It was close to Halloween and like usual Dusty hadn’t thought much about what he wanted to do for Halloween. Usually it ended up him thinking fairly last minute and then browsing the various cheap tat shops for an assortment of cheap items to come together to form some kind of look. It tended to work quite well for him considering the time and effort put into it. It was always busy for his work at this time of year, so finding the time was always difficult.

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Walking in the woods you come across a strange box half buried in the ground. Picking it up, it’s a dark green colour and looks rather fancy. Opening the box due to curiosity you find inside are a couple of tusks. However, they are hollow. Finding them very odd, you think it’d be funny to put them in your mouth and see what you would look like with tusks. They fit almost perfectly, and looking in your phone you see they look quite goofy and make your mouth appeared stretched.

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