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Your flatmate told you to put on the VR headset, some flashy new VR game to play. You are plunged into darkness and you feel a headset being placed on top and the controllers put into your hands. Slowly you can start to see the beginning on the game load, you are in a club on the floor. You go forwards to see some mats on the floor of various colours.

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You wondered why the socks were so special, you were told you could wear them for 24 hours and have the body of your dreams. The thought of them being worn previously, obviously by the look put you off a bit. That didn’t stop you doing it for a few hours, and then when you were pissed with your mates, taking them off and putting them on your ears like a pup.

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puppy-apollo: orangehares: Silver the Space Pup (p1) Bit of posing in my SlickItUp suit. Christmas present from @dieselpupLook at how spacey I am :D Well don’t you look just awesome Silver! Space Dog! :D Legend has it if you meet the space dog, Silver, wherever and whenever he may be, it’ll be one of the last things you see as you are. Almost feeling like the best thing you’ve ever seen.

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Sir wanted another pup like me so when I went to my mate’s house he ordered me to get him to put on the hood he prepared for him. Sir said he did something to it to make him enjoy it. I’m sure he would, Sir is good with those kind of things. My mate Andy was what Sir really liked in a pup. I was more happy Sir chose me to be the one to convert Andy.

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Alan was excited to see he’d received a parcel. However upon inspection, it wasn’t addressed to him but instead for a “P. Brynjar”. The address was correct and it confused him ash e’d been living at his address for a number of years. He left the box and said to himself he’d deal with it tomorrow as it had been a long day at work. Something nagged at him to open it, so he did.

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asinusfr: Pupcandies : you never felt like that ! You were almost lost in the guy’s eyes as he was talking to you. Damn he was so nice to look at and to listen you didn’t hear a word of the nonsense he was going on about. You just smiled and nodded. He offered you the lolly and you mindlessly just licked away. You follow him as he takes you to his home.

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sir-r-lucky2: perceptivedominance: I name you pup bane, Knight of the Canine Empire. Wait! Is there a “pup bane” somewhere? I want him. Cute puppy His christmas present was from his best friend. They had been best friends for a number of years now, hanging out quite a bit. The present was a fancy candle with red top layer and the best being black. He thanked his friend a lot as they were his favourite colours.

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Look at yourself boy, you can’t deny it. You’re a pup now. Look at that face, that’s a pup looking back at you with the ears, nuzzle and tongue. Those paws, gloved to make them more comfortable, as a good pup like you walks on all fours. Look at the chain around your neck, I’ve locked the pup in to you. Locked in the rubber which feels so good doesn’t it.

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The two lads had broken into the shop looking for anything to knick. They were notorious in the area, however they had broken into the wrong shop if they wanted to get away with anything without strings attached. They were drawn to a box in the backroom and it looked like it’d make them a few bar. They both agreed to get the box and took it with them. What they failed to notice was the pawprint on the box, or the fact the shop owner made them want this box.

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orangehares: Silver the space pup(a pup added the comment space dog to a reblog, i had to take it to the next lvl) When you stare deep into those eyes of Silver, you start to get lost, the light bouncing around and off the metallic silver body of the space pup. The light starts to bounce towards you and it feels good to mindlessly sit and stare. Trying to stay awake, but it’s so hard but you need to keep staring deeper and deeper.

Read More Posted Thu Nov 5, 2015 | 204 Words | Tagged story pup never done a puppy story so let me know if it's awful