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He found the place while on holiday in America. He thought it looked just as it did on the films and the internet, all traditional redneck gear, even down to the guns behind the counter. He thought he’d try one of the hats on, and as he did his head felt uneasy so he stumbled around as his arms filled in, his t-shirt shortened to reveal his tat he would now be proud of.

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realmenstink2: PITS I’D LOVE TO SNIFF !!! You were browsing the weird new shop, when you came across it, a cap which stood out to you. You were interested in it, even though it wasn’t your style at all. You purchase it without really thinking of it, and slipping into your bag for later. When you get home you get everything out of your bag, discovering the hat and wondered again why you bought it.

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He bought the goofy dog tags for Christmas knowing his boyfriend would love seeing him wearing them. On Christmas Day he decided to sneak out of bed just before him and start to cook breakfast while wearing the dog tags to surprise him. In went the eggs into the bowl. He felt his face. Man he should shave more often, those hairs felt a bit odd. In went the flour into the bowl.

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He opened the taxi app from the airport in order to get to his hotel and go on his holiday to New York. A new option he’d never seen before appeared, simply labeled “SPECIAL” and it had a cheaper quote so he picked it. What turned up was a fairly old pick-up truck and inside was a 30 year old typical redneck. Not wanting to offend anyone in his first 5 minutes of being in the country he got in.

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The fuel in the car was getting really low on the road trip. Thankfully there was a stop in a mile where hopefully I could fill up. When I got there it was empty like much of the road. I went into pay and the middle aged man, obviously a redneck from these parts, looks slightly suspicious but takes my my money anyway. I turn to walk out and I feel something on my head.

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*blump* “New message from Phil” Dave hadn’t heard from Phil in a while. They were best friends for years, and then he just vanished. Nobody else noticed he was missing though, which frustrated Dave. The message was just a link to a Youtube video. Dave was angered by his best mate for just sending a Youtube link after running away for months. He click played anyway, eager to know if it was something of interest.

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