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Metalic Vibes

While on your unusually quiet lunch break in the town centre you noticed a popup shop in one of the usually closed shops. The town centre was typical of that of a seaside town where it’s “glory days” had long passed and there were a few chains taking up units, and a few smaller hardier shops still managing to stay open. Along with the ocassional dodgy looking shops selling clearly fake items in a layout that looked like it could be emptied in five minutes.

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Work by Hajime Soroyama (via here) || Based on a description here by Harvzilla You hear the sound of running water. Curious you take each step wondering what your friend is doing. You knew they were a little strange and when they said they were just going to the bathroom, you never expected them to run a bath. The bathroom door was open, and you creak in to feel a jolt of unexpected fear as he jumped out and said “Surprise!

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When he was convinced just to try it on, he slowly pulled on the the suit. At first it felt a little tight, of course that was to be expected. Then he felt a little pinch a few places, of course that was to be expected. Then the smiles came on his face as the nanobots in the fabric started to do their job. Bliss is all that’s needed while they worked their way through, converting nerves into wires, muscles into cogs and motor systems, brain into storage and processors.

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Original photo on Instagram (I’m terrible at photoshop, i’m sorry) Dan was browsing eBay at 3am, as he normally does looking for various things he was interested in. He was looking through looking for various clothes when he dived into a section of contact lenses. He saw the square ones and thought they looked cool, and he was quite tired so he just bought them. What he didn’t expect was a large box to arrive a couple days later.

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