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punkerskinhead: jealous making kissing of a skinhead couple….love it Ever since the shaver touched his head, his life started to change. Slowly, tuft by tuft he started to obey and even enjoy the new life that was about to become his. Nobody would recognise him anymore, but that didn’t matter. His old clothes were gone as well, instead left with a bomber jacket, jeans and black boots. He knew his new mates especially his mate, would welcome him into his new life of being a skinhead.

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puppyajax: Conversion process 93% complete You thought you could get away and be a model once we almost finished you off the last time? Not happening. This time we’re keeping you locked in place and you will be a skinhead this time round. Gonna shave your head off again, no need to do the hard bit of sorting that body out, glad you kept it in shape for us. Next will be getting your tats and piercings done.

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The boots attracted Dale from the moment he saw them. They were used, as everything was that he browsed on eBay and the guy in the photos looked pretty hot with them on. He wasn’t too sure about the whole skinhead thing, but he loved the boots at the very least and managed to get them at a bargain price. They arrived quite quickly, and wow when he opened the package the stink of the previous owner assaulted him immediately.

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