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Kink Gym

Walking around during your lunch break at work, you notice one of the very large, units not tucked away from the local rundown highstreet. And it was a gym with a neat litle sign on the outside for “Total Gym24”. It sounded like one of those generic 24 hour gyms which were popping up everywhere. You made a note of the gym to look up later to see if it was worth checking out in more detail.

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Bright orange. Bright pink. Rainbow colours. The selection of scratchcards in a wide variety of colours was always attractive. You were pretty sure they tried to target nearly everyone who was looking to win big, although the most you have ever won was £10. One day you thought it would be great, like most people, to win the backpot of thousands of pounds. You were looking at the selection of them with a basket of various items and to try to distract from the feelings of being slightly out of place in the small eastern european shop.

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Motorway Services

You needed to get out and away from everything. Too much stuff going on with work, too much stuff going on with your home life and you just needed some time out from everything. Ending up on the cheap long distance coach website almost immediately after booking a whole week away from work, you started to look for places you could get to without blowing what money you had on. Amazingly it was going to be pretty cheap to go the capital, London, but it was on the overnight coach.

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Shrunk into shape

He was teasing you on your way into the office. It made the long journey on the multiple buses a lot more bearable. He was in a completely different industry to your own. You an office where you were expected to be clean and tidy, while he was dirty and his work was a manual grind. Although you were known as the messy one in the office, it just wasn’t something you were great at keeping on top of.

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Curious PT

Another story from a bunch of CuriousCat questions stored for horny archival purposes. New day, same plan. Lift. What do you start with today? Bench press You’re setting up for the bench press, and have to look around a bit for the right weights. You’ve come on your own but still feel like pushing yourself a bit. You keep going across the floor for more weights, and it catches the attention of someone.

Guest written by Anonymous | Read More Posted Mon Jun 21, 2021 | 773 Words | Tagged story pt curiouscat

Curious Contact Lenses

Another story from a bunch of CuriousCat questions stored for horny archival purposes. you receive an email regarding your contact lenses close to the end of your last box. “FREE! Try Glazed Lenses today and get your first 6 months free!” You google the company but they don’t seem to be anywhere. Still though, you think it might just be another own brand thing Costco are trying to push out. Do you switch to these and order?

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Curious Bath Bomb

Another story from a bunch of CuriousCat questions stored for horny archival purposes. you’re walking through the metrocentre one day and walk past Lush, when a new range catches your eye. It’s claiming to be able to make you feel like new. There’s a bunch of different scents and shapes and flavours and there’s this whole weird magical theming to it. There are bath bombs in diamond shapes with some light designs pressed into them, and shower gels in bottles that almost look like potions.

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Curious Workie

Someone sent a bunch of CuriousCat questions making a bit of a store. I’m archiving them here for horny purposes. quick! only one tf choice! dirty hi viz tradie or musky gym bro Dirty hi viz tradie. Would mean the notice in my old gym saying “no work boots allowed” would apply to me haha you find a well worn pair of bright orange hi viz trousers, crusted with dirt around the ankles and some curious stains inside around the front.

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Knot in a Box

This is an interactive story about buying a sex toy from a discount sale from a sex shop. What happens is up to you. This is my first story written in Twine, be gentle.

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The Massage Chair

This story has been worked on for quite some time, since 2019 since I had a year break from writing. Your budget chain gym had been pestering you with email updates about some kind of improvement program they were running at the moment. Apologies and all that for closing the gym at early in the morning to move thing around to add in a new floor. You were thankful for them spending the time and money to expand the gym massively, although the amount of updates and marketing over it was a little too much.

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