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I had been dragged to the bar by my friends, I hated going to places like this even though they were gay bars and I found the dancers pretty hot. I just wasn’t in shape at all and had no chance at all. In the middle of the night I pushed away to the toilet and while I was peeing away some of the stupid levels of alcohol in my body I felt something on my head.

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It was an incredibly hot day, so I sat down in the shade when I saw it. A fairly battered skateboard and a pair of worn out skater shoes. I must have got sunstroke because something made me want to put the shoes on. The shoes were a couple sizes too big for my feet, but I didn’t care. I didn’t care I was putting on the rather sweaty looking shoes without socks neither.

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“’Cuz you’re me mate and all, I’ll let you pick which swag hat you get? I’m sure you’ll like it a lot more once you try it”

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I had just finished a workout at the gym which was part of a large leisure centre, yeah it wasn’t much of a workout but it was enough to really tire me out. I opened the locker to get my clothes trying not to notice the two guys either side of me in my ideal goal. I turned around to put my bag on the bench and caught a glimpse of one of them.

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Saturday, time for a walk to the supermarket for the usual groceries. I took the alleyway towards the main road as it was the fastest way. Some scummy chav in the alley turned around towards me and grabbed me. Great, I knew this was a bad idea. However, instead of punching me he decided to just piss all over my t-shirt. Completely soaking it. And the bastard just smirked at me waiting for something to happen.

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Seeing him confident and cocky every day in the doorway to his house I had to pass on my way home pained me. He had no job, just living in a council house and always seemed happy about his life. I didn’t know if it was hating him or just wanting to be something like him. I now know I absolutely fucking love it. I found a small little shop in town by accident, “The shop of change” it had in fairly small writing.

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It was my favourite time of the week, time for the Math club! It was the one time a week where I could be with people who actually used their brains and not waste thousands of years of evolution over just playing sports all day. The room was empty when I got to the usual meeting room which was odd as I usually ended up being held up by one of the dumbos on the way.

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It was a very unusual shop, given it’s relatively small size it seemed to sell all kinds of things. Although, it was one of those shops where they were just aiming to clear as much junk as possible. Looking around the shop, there was something strange in the air. I was looking at the shoes and I saw a fiery orange pair in the corner. They looked amazing, exactly what I wanted.

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