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When Jake returned from his family to his door room, his jock room-mate was already there sat watching some football game or another. Jake didn’t really know much about football, nor really care. Jake’s room-mate didn’t beat Jake up, nor try to make his life hell, but showed the typical jock signs. Dumb. Loud. Cocky. His room-mate gave Jake a present from Christmas. Jeering he said, “you’ll love it bro”.

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belfastchavlads: Fuck yea mate. You envied the lads wearing TNs and their Nike tracksuits. Nike was on your mind quite often. How you wish you would look sometime as good as them wearing them. All these wishes and thoughts, yet you never put any of them into action. Then Christmas Day and you were finally able to drive down and only deal with your family for the one day before driving back home on the evening.

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He constantly tweeted about how much he hated his office job, how he was never getting anywhere and how “nobody” at his office seemed to like him. Moan, moan, moan. That was until he appeared on a chat app looking for fun. Presumably he was getting fed up and wanted to blow off some steam. Well, I had some things I could pull. I could remove the cause of the hated job, but not the symptoms of complaining day in, day out.

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ukscallyladz: 👟ukscallyladz👟 Moving to a new city ends up with a load of question you never think about until you need to know them. One of them for Drake was knowing where to get a decent haircut. Having moved from his small town and knowing the place there for many years, a new place many many hours away meant he had to find a completely new place. Being the kind of person he was he just searched on the internet and found a place with good reviews and it even listed the price on the website.

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Halloween. The time to cause mischief and get away with it in costume with barely any consequences. That was certainly the case for you and your mates when they decided to spend the evening wondering around the deserted building. It was quiet which you liked. Halloween was full of kids in silly costumes anyway. You trailed off from his friends to have an explore through the building. Going down a floor, you heard a bang from a cupboard.

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nikehypnosneak: sneakermask: Nike Shox Mask I want one! You got the random package in the post and it looked like a bundle of broken shoes. No return address or anything, you didn’t know what to do. And that’s when it jumped onto your face and how it’s stayed there. All you can breathe is through the Shox. Whatever the Shox wants you to breathe, you will breathe. That’s when your mind fogged up.

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Had a weird dream I was being chased by American football players onto a field and they were throwing the ball to each other. I see something and I think I trip over. It’s my helmet. And I decide to put it on as it’s my turn to get the ball and join in with the warm up.

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ukscallyladz: 👟ukscallyladz👟 You were browsing Grindr for a hook-up. One seemed interesting and so you got chatting and chatting away on the app. You decided to meet up with the guy, even though he seemed like a scruffy chav and not normally your type he seemed to have some personality. You started to feel a moment of regret when you took the bus which winded through council estate after council estate.

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You see the boots and the trousers. Covered in mud. Calling out to you. You have a choice. Put on the trousers and the boots, become a workie. Sealed in hi vis. Mud. Work. Simple. Or walk away and continue living your boring office job you hate so much. What will it be? Good lad.

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mentalaberration: Ok coach,I got the suit on. How’s this supposed to help me train? Josh always envied the jocks, with their care-free attitudes, muscles and how dedicated they were to their sport. Josh wanted to be one, but how could he when he barely understood any of the rules of any sports, let alone the body to play them. And to top it all off, he certainly wasn’t a care-free person.

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