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commission Stress of the Team

Jake had managed to get on the team by the skin of his teeth. The other top player had to take a year out due to a serious injury which meant he had to be in and out of hospital for over a year. A condition that sadly snatched his dream of being part of the team away from him, and landed it in Jake’s position. For Jake it was a dream come true.

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E-Liquid: The Second Bottle

The liquid was thick and viscous like any other entering Mark’s tank. It smelt sweet enough. He decided to only fill it up half-way, just in case. He didn’t want to ruin his mod or new coil straight away. Taking his first drag of the liquid, it was pleasantly smooth as it travelled through his mouth. Strong, but smooth. A long draw in and a long stream of vapour out. It was surprisingly nice for a random liquid.

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Checking the time as he pulled into the car park, Mark realised he was just about on time for opening up the vape shop he was a manager at. That was until he was blocked off by a blacked out car driving in and a white large transit van blocking the car park exit. There was no other real route out except trying to jump the large fences like the kids do when they inevitably got caught running across the roof again.

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