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Read the introduction here – Turning over the card it read, “Future is grand m8″. What kind of fucking fortune is that? Out of anger you kick the machine and leave the shop. Fucking useless crap. The anger almost boiling out of nothing. Feeling the anger on the way home you stop off to the off-license, something you never do. You leave the shop with a number of cans of lager and a pack of fags and a light.

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Read the introduction – You pick up the ticket and it simply reads, “Have confidence and you will be rewarded”. It spooks you slightly as you’re not a confident person, but you lead it down to luck. You smile and walk away from the machine, secretly hoping one day you could be more confident. Later that evening you browse Facebook and see an event invite for some party you’ve been invited to.

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Introduction is here –> <— (Best used on a laptop or desktop) You look at the card that had came out of the machine that just seemed like it would be a random useless piece of advice, like those stupid horoscopes people seem to be obsessed with. Turning over the card it simply reads “Jackass”. Later that evening when you were preparing to go to bed and brushing your teeth, you looked at your teeth and the front were more pronounced but it had been a long day and this was probably your mind telling you to go to sleep.

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Introduction – – open it on a laptop or desktop! You look at the ticket the machine gave you, it simply read “New body in the near future”. Confused you just put the ticket into your pocket and continue browsing the shop. At the end of the day, you feel really nice and relaxed in bed and drift off easily to sleep. You start to dream of floating, but it felt nice and airy.

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