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Posted Sun Dec 27, 2015 | 180 Words | Tagged story christmas last christmas one

Photo from Tumblr

The three lads had got the costumes in their presents from their slightly deranged auntie this christmas. She was lovely, but some of the gifts she got people were a little strange, but they loved her nonetheless as she was technically still part of the family.

After a while they didn’t even seem to mind wearing the costumes and even ventured out to the pub on boxing day wearing them. The more they drank, the smaller they got. The bobbles on their hats popping like popcorn into a golden bell each, making a jingle. They were so filled with happy and glee they barely noticed the sounds in their ears swirling around as their ears grew into points.

When they left the pub they had shrunk down to 40cm in height, the right size for an elf. They were scooped into a sack and taken away to the North Pole. After all with the population growing, Santa’s workforce was needing a boost for next year. And the three lads full of cheer and joy were all to eager to help.