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Posted Tue Oct 27, 2015 | 200 Words | Tagged story zoltar bodyswap

Photo from Tumblr

Introduction – – open it on a laptop or desktop!

You look at the ticket the machine gave you, it simply read “New body in the near future”. Confused you just put the ticket into your pocket and continue browsing the shop.

At the end of the day, you feel really nice and relaxed in bed and drift off easily to sleep.

You start to dream of floating, but it felt nice and airy. You feel almost as though you’re on a cloud, going somewhere over the night sky, not at great speed or difficulty. Almost as though you’re just a cloud of steam slowly wondering around just not dispersing.

You awake and almost jump out of bed and look in the mirror you don’t remember having near your bed. In fact you don’t remember looking anything like how you do in the mirror. This wasn’t your room, or body.

All you can remember was the strange card you got from the booth in the shop as being the only explanation. But damn, this felt great. Then memories flood your mind, hang on I’m an actor? On a tv show? Oh man, I’ve got to get ready for filming.