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Kink Gym

Posted Sat Sep 23, 2023 | 1571 Words | Tagged story gym

Walking around during your lunch break at work, you notice one of the very large, units not tucked away from the local rundown highstreet. And it was a gym with a neat litle sign on the outside for “Total Gym24”. It sounded like one of those generic 24 hour gyms which were popping up everywhere. You made a note of the gym to look up later to see if it was worth checking out in more detail. You did think it was potentially a big large for a gym, but maybe they weren’t using the full unit.

Gym Sign

You looked later on for information on the gym and there wasn’t much available yet apart from a phone number. You decided to ring them anyway and ask about when the gym was available for at least a tour to see if you’d like to join. Strangely, the rep on the phone asked if you were available later that day to take a look. Just when you would have finished work to look around, so you agreed, half expecting something dodgy or a building site.

You arrived later on and at the entrance, like you expected was a fairly stereotypical muscular personal trainer waiting for you to arrive. After introducing yourself, and the trainer almost eyeing you up if you were ready for this kind of a place, he seemed to at least accept you and brought you inside.

Inside was the stereotypical gym with a front desk, and the modern entry pods to scan through with a door which the PT opened up and allowed you through.

It opened out into a wide array of cardio machines, such as treadmills, crosstrainers, steppers and rowing machines and expanded outwards. You were fairly impressed with the renovation for what you were pretty sure was just some old office block many years ago, as this felt fairly open with a mezzaine level opening up into a functional area with a sled, some freeweights and some general space for yoga and such.

The PT let you take it in, before you started to take notice of the some of the members in the gym. You almost didn’t think this place would have many members considering it didn’t even look open from the outside.

Some of the members working out, almost seemed to be completely blank. Something going around in their eyes, almost made them look like they were swirling in circles.

“Careful, you don’t want to get caught up with them unless you want to,” mentioned the PT.

You were walked through and up the stairs up to the functional area where you were a little taken back by the person pulling along the sled, filled with a fair amount of weight. Not only were they topless, pulling more than you could dream to pull, but they were also wearing a pup hood. He also had a personal trainer wearing a shiny, nylon tracksuit, who was quite happy with the work that the pup was doing on the sled, and you could pretty much describe him as a scally, especially by the generic “SCALLY” with an arrow t-shirt he was proudly wearing.

“You look a bit surprised there mate. Did they not tell you what this place is?” yelled the scally at you, “Not really no,” you quitely replied, “This is my gym mate. And it’s for all you kinky degenerates to work out whenever the fuck you want. So I can keep my pup in control, and whatever you want” “Oh, that would explain a lot”

He came over to you and putting his hand over your shoulder and pushed you around to see across the whole gym area.

Pointing to the area you just came up, “Those are the gym bros. Keep close to them and you’ll loose yourself to nothing but lifing and being a dumb bro”

Then he pointed over towards the left and you could see through some glass what looked to be a pool area. “Can go for a swim over there. Just don’t do something fucking stupid. Wear whatever, or nothing. Nobody will mind”

“Looks like you’d want to get the rest of the tour tho mate, I’m sure Johnny will make you want to join. Oh, and check the timetable before trying anything funny,”

Then he went back to shouting at his pup to keep going and to push himself. The PT then directed you upwards through what felt like a back staircase up to another floor.

The upstairs floor felt almost entirely different. There was a small restaurant along with a bar, almost like you would expect to see in a chain hotel. While he was talking something about memberships, you took a glance over the bar menu. It was a bit more desserted up here, although he did mention it usually picked up later in the evening.

Some of the items on the bar menu seemed interesting, although very little description for thier ‘Specials’ was provided. Although the prices were very reasonable, even if they did seem a slightly odd fit for a gym. You presumed they would be full of protein powder or something to make up for the unhealthyness, or some other stereotypical gym.

Good Lad - £4.70

All Fours - £5.89

Big Lift - £6.00

Latex Service - £4.00

It did seem like a fun place, and then he described this floor was essentially a hotel. Apparently many of the members would end up working out too long and then miss the last bus home or something, so this was available as well as ensuring members had enough fuel to look after themselves.

Next, the PT took you down a few flights of stairs and you were sure it was into the basement. You could start to hear the clanks of weights so you were pretty sure you were about to entering the main weightlifting area of the gym which excited you the most.

He mentioned to the noticeboard on the side, and the information about certain times. This wasn’t like any other gym timetable.

There were times for “newbie jock sessions”, as well as “BDSM sessions” and “naked sessions” spotted throughout the week. It did seem to have a wide mix, including a weekly deadlifting session mentioning there was a prize for the biggest, safest deadlift of the session.

You felt a slight stir at the description. You did really enjoy deadlifts at every other gym when you were actually able to do them.

The PT described that it’s “crazy fun and busy” during the BDSM sessions as much of the equipment can be used as anchor points and for forced workouts, which seemed fun.

Entering the doors, the scent from the large group of those working out was immediately obvious. And it was pleasant, and almost dizzying. The PT pulled you along, as he realized you were almost gone. “Need to be a member first before you can loose yourself here bud,” he called out as though this was entirely normal.

And once he showed through each area for arms, traps, ropes, legs and every other muscle group you would train in a gym, he quickly took you up the stairs and into the changing area. He very quickly pushed through to the pool side, where you were able to see the full extend of the swimming area.

Not only was there a large standard pool, with lanes, and people following them well, the entire pool side was spotlessly clean. And there was a warm inviting hot tub. You were almost ready to put down whatever it would cost to get a membership to the gym.

Then he took you to the remaining part of the gym, along the walls were various rooms where he opened an empty one or two to finally describe the massages and treatments available. He peeked through a quiet room where there was a couple massage chairs and wishepered they were for the hypnotheraphy sessions and they would get you going for 3 to 4 hours of non-stop workouts if you weren’t careful.

He then very quickly was quick to reassure you with showing the medical suite for if anything did go wrong. He mentioned it didn’t happen often, but to make sure you stuck within your limits.

And then back at the front desk. It had been well over an hour and you were pretty much sold.

He pulled up a seat, almost where you could see the upper floor with the functional area you visited earlier. Then he pulled out a stack of paper, and allowed you to read through the information for the membership and the rules and the terms and conditions. All of the boring paper work.

At this point, you were kind of tired and almost in a daze taking everything in. You looked at the membership price. It wasn’t as expensive as your existing gym and that was a boring no-frills no-contract gym.

You got out your phone and logged into your banking app, and then cancelled the payment to end your membership at the old boring gym.

Then you signed and completed the contract for Total Gym24.

You felt a familar hand on your shoulder, “Good choice lad” you heard the owner mention. You almost felt a weight on your shoulder. A good, strong weight. You were now one of his members.

And it was time for a work out.

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