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Shrunk into shape

Posted Fri Dec 3, 2021 | 1612 Words | Tagged story workie micro chastity

He was teasing you on your way into the office. It made the long journey on the multiple buses a lot more bearable. He was in a completely different industry to your own. You an office where you were expected to be clean and tidy, while he was dirty and his work was a manual grind. Although you were known as the messy one in the office, it just wasn’t something you were great at keeping on top of. Just another thing on top of being behind on the mountain of emails.

And then you got a text from your boss. The office was closed for the day and everyone was to get a surprise day off. It was sent about the time that the rest of the office would be either waking up, or almost ready to start their journey. However, for you it just made you full of rage. A day’s bus ticket wasted, along with already multiple hours wasted. It was one of the crazy things the boss did every now and again - just another annoyance of the job.

Then a text, he asking if you can come round. You text back saying that your plans have changed and you can do. After all, it would improve the day. He didn’t live too far from where your office actually was, so at least you were already on your way. You message saying you’re in your office clothes although he doesn’t seem to bother.

You forgot how run down the area around the office can be, entering the housing estate and getting off the bus a little earlier. Following the map application on your phone around the winding streets, seeing the different range of people. You did question why in the first place the office was where it was. Then you remembered - it was cheap and your company loved being cheap.

You found the door of his house. It matched the rest of the area, although it did have a door number which helped. He answered the door, head to toe in orange hi-vis. Smiling, he pulled you into his house and into a hug. You could smell straight off from the gear that it wasn’t the cleanest of clothing. You stayed clung to him as he shut the door.

Although he did instruct you to remove your office clothing at the door. After all, you didn’t want to get any of it dirty after messing around with a dirty lad like himself. It almost felt like things for the day were going to go well when the buttons on my shirt were removed, and the shirt placed neatly next to your uncomfortable black shiny shoes. Without any hesitation, you were now naked in his house. Leading you upstairs to his bedroom, he made you wait while he went to fetch something from another room.

In a day-dream daze, you were suddenly pulled out of by a feeling of him behind you. He pushed a metal device slowly onto your penis. Then a click. He’d placed some form of chastity cage on you. Clearly you were not meant to get off today. Almost immediately in response you strained against it. His reaction was clearly positive and you felt his bulge rub against you.

You turned to face him with almost a new lust in your eyes. You sniffed and rubbed against his pecs, feeling the muscle which was hidden underneath the relatively larger orange hi-vis jumper he was wearing. You sniffed up towards his pits, taking in the full smell. The smell of his hard work he must pump into his clothing each and every day.

He pushed you down onto your knees, taking in the smell coming through the hi-vis trousers he was wearing. All of his clothing had his smell deep into it, although with fresh being easier to find. All of his clothing fitted him well, enhanced him almost and most of all looked so much more comfortable than the clothes you had entered the house with.

You had a need now, although he kept teasing and teasing you. Then he pushed you onto his bed, and quickly threw a jockstrap at you which you sniffed at until he demanded that you wear it. Then came a hi-vis t-shirt, with a collar. The collar of which being the only thing that could even remotely be classed as smart, with visible stains of something from some work site. You squeezed into the shirt, with the bands of the hi vis pushing against your out of shape body. You felt like you might break the t-shirt in two, although you persisted. Next came a similar pair of tracksuit bottoms in a hi-vis style similar to the ones he was wearing. Then a jumper just the same.

He pulled you into a mirror and you could see a workman in all of his hi-vis, and yourself in a straining pair of clothes his size. He took a hand to your face and then started going deep into a snog. Your cage definetly feeling the strain of this move on yourself. You swear you could even feel him invading with his tongue, leaving your mouth covered and touched by him.

You were far gone into his trance, your eyes were glazed over and your pupils showing very little signs of life. Exactly where he wanted you. Then he showed you in the mirror again, and you saw two work men grinning at each other. One with a glazed over look in his eyes, and the other whose eyes you were lost in, almost spinning in a hypnotic trance like way.

He pushed you onto his bed and continued snogging, this time using his hands to feel around your body. Pushing in at your pecs, groping your butt and almost dry humping you at the same time. You felt like you were almost melting into his bed, into his smell and into his clothes.

He got up and left you sunk into the horny mess that you had become. Then with one hand picked up your whole being. You realized now at this point that your entire being had compressed down into a pocket size. You were in front of the mirror and you could do nothing but watch as he opened the front of his trousers and jockstrap and placed you deep in there.

All you could see was a close up of his balls, all you could smell was him, all you could think was him. Your horny state persisted as you grew to enjoy the new place you had been placed. You felt movement and almost with another sense you didn’t know you had could feel him. If you tuned into him, you could feel that he was satisfied although now was finishing getting ready for his job for the day. With what few cogs you had swirling around in your brain you realized you probably weren’t getting out of here for quite some time.

You were held close and tight against his moving and sweating body as he got into his car and drove to work. You didn’t quite know how but you could almost see and feel the movement. You felt him changing gear, pressing the pedals and turning the steering wheel. It started to sink into your squishy tiny brain.

You didn’t actually know what he did for a job. Although you soon found out that he was a bricklayer. You felt the weight and carrying of each brick, where to place, and the mortar. It was a repetitive job, yet you felt each and every brick being placed on the job site.

A whole day later your mind was bent and shaped into muscle memory for each of these actions. You finally felt a relaxation as he lied down on his sofa and slowly drifted to sleep. As he slept, it was like a switch being flicked and you could not feel his thoughts anymore. Your own thoughts mixing around as you slowly processed the day. You could still sorta see the living room that had some TV show playing.

You dropped to the floor. Waking him from his sleep, and you from your trance. You got up and almost fell over with a slight dizzyness in your body. You were full sized again. You realized you smelt like him, you thought like him, and pretty much were a clone of him.

He got up and inspected his efforts. Your muscles had grown to fit the job you would have from tomorrow. You would know what to do straight away. The only thing left to do was take you up into his bedroom. He bent you over his bed, finally, properly, getting his horny workie cock pointed at your hole, ready.

He fucked and left what felt like a gallon of cum into your body. You almost felt like your stomach had expanded with the amount. Then to ensure he was properly left inside you, you were filled with a plug ever so slightly bigger than his cock which had already stretched you.

After cooking a meal and drinking a few beers you were almost ready for the end of the evening. Removing the plug, surprisignly clean, realizing your body had soaked in every inch of him that had been pumped into your body during the last 24 hours. You forgot who you were. You were just a builder right? A bricklayer who has fun on the site. And so, so horny.

And you had to balance getting off, and making sure to turn up on time as to not be fired, again.

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