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Motorway Services

You needed to get out and away from everything. Too much stuff going on with work, too much stuff going on with your home life and you just needed some time out from everything. Ending up on the cheap long distance coach website almost immediately after booking a whole week away from work, you started to look for places you could get to without blowing what money you had on. Amazingly it was going to be pretty cheap to go the capital, London, but it was on the overnight coach.

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Shrunk into shape

He was teasing you on your way into the office. It made the long journey on the multiple buses a lot more bearable. He was in a completely different industry to your own. You an office where you were expected to be clean and tidy, while he was dirty and his work was a manual grind. Although you were known as the messy one in the office, it just wasn’t something you were great at keeping on top of.

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Curious Workie

Someone sent a bunch of CuriousCat questions making a bit of a store. I’m archiving them here for horny purposes. quick! only one tf choice! dirty hi viz tradie or musky gym bro Dirty hi viz tradie. Would mean the notice in my old gym saying “no work boots allowed” would apply to me haha you find a well worn pair of bright orange hi viz trousers, crusted with dirt around the ankles and some curious stains inside around the front.

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Skunk Paint

Breathing in that thick smell of the construction yard, you realise you had made it. Gotten yourself a job in an industry doing manual labour and you would have no more office chairs to sit on, or office desks to sit at and blankly stare your eyes away into a computer screen. Nor did you have to resort to retail or some job where you would have to deal with customers on a daily basis.

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Checking the time as he pulled into the car park, Mark realised he was just about on time for opening up the vape shop he was a manager at. That was until he was blocked off by a blacked out car driving in and a white large transit van blocking the car park exit. There was no other real route out except trying to jump the large fences like the kids do when they inevitably got caught running across the roof again.

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The Warlock

This is a tinkered version of Work a Mile Despite being on mute the phone makes a quick rattle on the conference table. No one cares, of course, and the meeting is almost over anyway. You grab and have a glance to see if it is something important, like a message from Rob where to have lunch. Instead your phone is showing the orange groin of a man in work gear.

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Work a Mile

You got a notification from that kinky dating app you used occasionally. From someone new, “worklad”. Opening the app for the first time in a while to see whatever the message was you sighed to yourself as it was the usual “hi, how are you?” basic conversation which usually got you nowhere. Deciding to go along with it you replied, after all it was something to occupy your mind while tuning slowly in and out of meetings back to back.

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Init to win it

You were browsing your Twitter feed on your much needed break from that meeting which was supposed to be “short” ended up lasting from the moment you walked in until lunch time, which even still was later than you really wanted it to last. Taking a deep breath of the air from outside, filling your lungs with the chill and freshness of the air around you woke your body from it’s attempts at falling asleep the entire morning.

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The two best friends had been invited to go to a house party in fancy dress. They were given a few instructions and the main rule was to dress for a job that was completely different to their own. Being friends for quite a number of years now, in pretty much the same career and workplaces for the same time (even without trying they ended up at the same places).

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Massive thanks to poodleboy for drawing a fantasy of mine. Involves sex. Next Stop: Construction SiteLike every other day, Tim was ready for work in his office job. He managed to drag himself out of bed early, for once, and just managed to catch the bus which got him almost to work. Work for Tim was a job sitting at a desk staring at a screen for four hours, having a quick lunch break which involved a quick walk outside for some fresh air, as any fresh air was able to carry him towards hometime, and then another four hours of staring at a screen.

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