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Bright orange. Bright pink. Rainbow colours. The selection of scratchcards in a wide variety of colours was always attractive. You were pretty sure they tried to target nearly everyone who was looking to win big, although the most you have ever won was £10. One day you thought it would be great, like most people, to win the backpot of thousands of pounds. You were looking at the selection of them with a basket of various items and to try to distract from the feelings of being slightly out of place in the small eastern european shop.

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Dumny Polak

This story includes the ability to change the language of specific parts. Use the language picker at the bottom of the screen to control this. It was quite a busy day for Halvor at his generally boring office job. Questions almost every 10 minutes, multiple hour long meetings taking up his time. It all rather bored him, but the job paid well in terms of money. It wasn’t a job which he enjoyed, that’s one thing that he knew for certain.

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