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Thanks to Hornbuckle for drawing this and Rapido for allowing me to use their characters. FA - A New FrogHalvor was quite a clumsy and unaware pup. Always careless and usually knocking something over and breaking it. He just wouldn’t realise until after he broke something that it was broken. This would normally be ok, so long as there was no massive consequences for his actions. One day he was being his usual careless self, when he saw a fairly empty lake and decided to sit down and enjoy it.

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Be a good rubber skunk drone Image thanks to Hornbuckle (go commission them!) The building had always stood out to Halvor. Crossing the river on the ferry and seeing on the other side a worn down building, slowly falling into the river as the years did not seem to have been kind to it. Some of the bricks holding the edge of the water wearing away, some of them already fallen in.

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He was not planning on doing anything for Halloween. Instead he was just going to sit in and have a nice night to himself. His friends protested and persisted he go out with them, but he just wasn’t in the mood to bother with anything like that. Then a package arrived for him, which he couldn’t remember ordering. The box was fairly small, enough to possibly get a mug in and that’s about it.

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