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Orcish Skunk

It was close to Halloween and like usual Dusty hadn’t thought much about what he wanted to do for Halloween. Usually it ended up him thinking fairly last minute and then browsing the various cheap tat shops for an assortment of cheap items to come together to form some kind of look. It tended to work quite well for him considering the time and effort put into it. It was always busy for his work at this time of year, so finding the time was always difficult.

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Skunk Paint

Breathing in that thick smell of the construction yard, you realise you had made it. Gotten yourself a job in an industry doing manual labour and you would have no more office chairs to sit on, or office desks to sit at and blankly stare your eyes away into a computer screen. Nor did you have to resort to retail or some job where you would have to deal with customers on a daily basis.

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Be a good rubber skunk drone Image thanks to Hornbuckle (go commission them!) The building had always stood out to Halvor. Crossing the river on the ferry and seeing on the other side a worn down building, slowly falling into the river as the years did not seem to have been kind to it. Some of the bricks holding the edge of the water wearing away, some of them already fallen in.

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